Primavera means spring - in italian, and how i'd love to be able to speak that beautiful language fluently. These 3 paintings were exibited and sold in Locarno, in the italian part of switzerland I was reminded of them by all the yellow things abloom right now, forsythiae, daffodils - it's the yellow phase of spring, and yellow makes my heart sing.
Have a yellow-mellow day and let the sunshine in!


  1. gorgeous artwork! i wish i could speak italian, too.....and i especially would love to be speaking italian whilst living in italy!!! wishing you sunshine today! thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog!

  2. Yes gorgeous!These colors are not easy to use and you did it with success!

  3. Absolutely fantastic!!! They are so vibrant and beautiful. Gorgeous!!!

  4. So much color and happiness! Great artworks!!

    Have a happy day.


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