Let your art guide you - weekly challenge 5

I have to admit that somehow, i missed a day in this week. Monday i still lived in sunday, tuesday in monday and today my hubby just told me that no, it's not wednesday but thursday. So, for the creative challenge i'm showing you a crafty project that was done for the magazine, but nevertheless is creative and fun.

Some cute handmade ideas for a spring invitation - for tea, lunch or dinner.
The collage style-cards are made of pretty wrapping-paper. Cut floral shapes and glue them on to plain cards.
To make the garland, cut paper in diamond shapes and fold them over a cord or string. Glue halfs together and vary colours. This is a fun project for kids too.

Making collages is really good, when you got stuck with painting. Somehow it frees the mind - maybe, because you can take it as a game instead of real art. But playing is vital for real art and sometimes, the best ideas come, when you least expect them - give it a try!

The lovely knitted flowers on the plates are made by my friend Anne-Claire, who will publish her own blog soon.

Link in with us, if you haven't already, at art n'sewl!


  1. Good morning, Martina!
    How nice to get a visit from Germany! Thank you for leaving such a nice comment, and I see that you are an editor! I am going to be bold and try to get some of my work published. I illustrate and write tall tales and I need to try this before I leave this fairytale wannabe world for the real thing...so here goes!

    Thanks again and please, stop by again for a cup of tea, French dreams and fun!


  2. Adorable! I thought they were made out of fabric, it looks THAT good :)

  3. Oh wow- I just love all the bright colors and the way it all plays so well together. You have the best job in the world!! I would love to have to do that ;-) Beautiful!!

  4. LOVE this!!! It's all so wonderful!!

  5. Wow- those cards are pretty enough to frame and hang up! Love the garland too :)
    I understand about losing a day-I did that last week,lol.

  6. Very pretty colors! I love spring and summer.


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