Dress up for spring

I'm in the mood for a new spring wardrobe, aren't you? Sometimes it takes nothing else then a few new accesoires to give your things a complete different look - a special, just made for this season look.
It's always great to get some inspiration on how to combine things - and i really love the look i found on "Emerson made" - i definetly want one of these grand flowers.

Same goes for the house. New furniture isn't necesary, but maybe new curtains or - a new work of art. Am playing with flower shapes and spring colours - see more of it on thursday, my "Let your art guide you" day.

Have a sunny start in the week and stop and look around you at least once a day - spring is so precious, and it's on the peek of beauty right now!


  1. Those flowers are stunning! Im loving this Springy collage :)

  2. These grand flowers are awesome indeed. How I love that first picture, this style... perfect!

    Hope your week is off to a great start, Martina!


  3. Fun,fun,fun,I wish I was bold enough to wear something like this :)

    The first picture is my favorite too,I love the soft colors. Cheers,Monika.

  4. Martina darling, I love the huge flowers, so chic and the painings are magnificent. I wish you a week full of blessings.

    Love & Hugs

  5. I too am ready for a springtime wardrobe, I've been practically dreaming of it for weeks now! Love the floral photos!


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