Meet Elsa Mora

Just discovered a great new artist i love - and am really exited about it. Her name is Elsa Mora, and she's so incredibly talented. Her delicate papercuts are amazing, but she also works on painting, drawing, sculpture, the sweetest handmade dolls and her own style, wich is adorable!

Her work is very different from mine - so fine and exact, almost like couture needlework. Yet Elsa is also a very warm and wise person and mother, and it's so much fun to dicover her various blogs. If you're crazy about her artwork - there's also some of it available on Etsy.
Have a wonderful, relaxed, inspired weekend and celebrate all the good things in your life!

Fotos via Elsa Mora


  1. I've seen her work before.I agree it's truly amazing all those intricate 'papercuts' :)

  2. You are sure right!!! What a wonderful artist!!! Those papercuts are amazing!!!

  3. Wow...her work is amazing...I would never be able to do that papercut work..thank you for sharing her with to see her blog and her Etsy shop. xoxoxo


  5. Thank you for the tip, I love it! I am off to spend some time looking.


  6. Elsa's work is so intricate and lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  7. wonderful is your blog?
    how happy i am that you made a visit so that i could be blessed to gain from all the inspiration you seem to have here.
    i can.t WAIT to peek through and see all the lovely ideas and words popping off my screen at me.
    elsa.s work is AMAZING. i don.t have the patience to do such intricate art. i admire the pants off those of you who do.
    it is a trait i constantly have to work on...patience.
    happy day to you and thanks for adding you to my favorites so i can follow along with your journey.

  8. Oh Martina, thank you for coming and leaving such kind words about Rabbit Hill! My husband and I just adore decorating, renovating and creating. And yes, simple pleasures are so wonderful....raspberries are one of my favorites! Have you ever put cocoa powder in vanilla yogurt topped with fresh raspberries? THIS IS A MUST!!!!

    I so love paper art. I am dabbling in making books, but with my teacher job, I hardly have time to get much accomplished. I would so love to work with paper, but I have so many interests. I want to take a course this summer in writing, and I also am illustrating at the moment for my husband. SO MUCH FUN AND NOT ENOUGH TIME!!

    Thank you dear lady, for always showing up with your lovely smile! Have fun! Anita


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