Playing and dreaming

Had a little excursion into fairyland before lunch today!
While the spaghetti were cooking, i was playing with elves and a faun in the midst of a blooming cherry tree that grew right out of my studio floor - and, because time and space a different in fairyland, i can't tell you how long it was.
It felt good to be out there, leaving grey skies behind and indulging in pink blossoms that fell like rain ...


  1. Love your palette favourite colours...your work is amazing. Sign...cherry blossoms make my world happy. xo

  2. everything is always so much prettier in pink......and this collection is lovely!! :))

  3. Pink is such a happy color, glad you included it into your palette!

  4. Martina, so glad you stopped by. Your blog is so lovely. I am looking forward to following. Going to check out your magazine. How fun!

  5. I am loving the pink in this piece! Your artwork is so lovely! I am so happy to have stumbled across your wonderful blog. Thank you for being so inspiring and for showcasing so much wonder on your blog. I'm excited to check out more :)

    best wishes,

  6. How pretty!! LOVE pink & cherry blossoms.


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