Monday Love: New colour inspiration

My favourite idea: Bring the sky into your room!

Feeling blue can look really nice!

Yellow brings the sunshine in - i love this joyful colour scheme!

Soft shades of lavender for a female, romantic feel

And this is - quite unusual but very chic! Decorating rooms for a cute little hotel is one of my favorite daydreams!

New colours wanted? These rooms caught my eye - and they make me want to redecorate, or at least start some huge new paintings in these gorgeous shades of blue, violet, pink, turquoise and yellow!

All photos by courtesy of marie claire maison


  1. Whilst they are all exquisite I adore the colour composition in the yellow room, but on a daily basis that might be a tad too much for me, but I am in love with the first room; such a play of light, shadow, colours and forms;-)

  2. I'm always tempted to paint the sky on the ceiling somewhere!
    I love the shade of pink in the last room. I actually have a bathroom painted a pretty pink :)

  3. Well, now I want to bring some SKY in my home too, Martina. ADORABLE!
    Have a sweet super Summer week. xx

  4. i agree, would love to bring the sky into my room aswell...or maybe lavender aswell.
    gorgeous finds Martina!
    hope you have some beautiful colours in your day ♥

  5. i loooove all them!!!
    your lovely comments make me happy!!!
    elena, the follower one.

  6. Dear, dear Martina....I am back from a lovely vacation, and I am so glad. It was refreshing and magical, but there is no place like home, where you LIVE. Your post is posh and perfect, the colors are stunning, and your professional eye for style is exquisite! I am so glad to be back...Anita

  7. Beautiful! I want to put the sky into my room so much, blue is just so calming for me.

  8. ooooh beautiful post...I particularly loved that first image. yum!

  9. LOVE the bright bold yellow in that room, stunning!

    happy to find your's darling. hope you stop by mine and say hello.



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