Let your art guide you - weekly challenge

I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment.
Marc Chagall

Some "art of heart" cards i did from the design i posted the other week. They were meant as a B-day present for a friend, but if i find time to add some more variations, i might put them in an Etsy-shop. I found beautiful matching envelopes in different shades of pink - such fun to play with these things!
The rose and wildflower bouquet is a present i got from a dear friend who came to tea last sunday - pure luxury

I've started on three new paintings too, but they need some more time to ripen and be presentable. Now, that the days are longer i enjoy having some artist time in the evenings. Sometimes that means, just looking at things and offering elderflower-champagne to the muses :)


  1. An inspiring post Martina! I love hearts AND flowers :)

  2. Love love your hearts and I love love love the colors you used, Martina!
    Sweet, inspiring post!!
    have a lovely evening. xx

  3. Hello Martina,I love your cards!!! Enjoy your beautiful bouquet and elderflower champagne...lucky girl :) No elder trees in my area and I do miss the flower clusters and the berries every year. Have a wonderful week.....

  4. your cards are wonderful.....i have such a soft spot for hearts!! enjoy your painting time!! :))

  5. oh i love all the prettyness going on here in this post! the hearts are adorable..and the flowers...well, let's just say that I can almost smell them!

    as far as letting your paintings ripen, nonsense! i think you should share your in-between stages too....it's so wonderful to see another artist's process of creativity!

    that's my opinion! lol
    have a great night!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  6. Well, alright then, Carmelina - maybe you're right about this. It really IS interesting to see, how an artwork develops. Will post about it these days. I liked your posts, were you explained how u did things - so interesting. Till soon, xx, M.

  7. Martina dear! I am back in blogland after a wonderful vacation and getting back in rhythm here! WOW! The artwork is exquisite and seeing your sense of style again is making me excited to get to work. This week just involved getting things in order again! Come by when you get a chance. Anita

  8. Martina my friend, thank you for visiting my new post! Oh, that Mica is glitter! It is a natural mineral that shimmers beautifully and is used in crafts! I am so glad that it wasn't confiscated!!!!! Have a lovely weekend dear! Anita

  9. Oh sweet one ....thank you for posting my giveaway button on your sidebar...wishing you lots of luck that maybe this sweet apron will be around your waist soon.
    I so love your blog...we both love COLOUR!!!!! Hugs to you. xoxo

  10. Dear Martina, Thanks for visiting me. Your heart cards are really delightful and the bouquet of flowers is beautiful. I love the colours! :)


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