Cherries & Mint

We'll take the cake with the red cherry on top. Navjot Singh Sidhu

Red cherries are irresistible if you see one of them on something good. A bowl of them, freshly picked, looks delicious.
But a HUGE tree of them can be overwhelming. Like the tree we have in our garden. So many cherries up there, we could feed all the birds of the village!
Sometimes, like now, i wish i had more time to revel in making things from what the garden offers, but mostly, we just eat it as it comes.

An exeption was the Mint-Cashew Pesto i made the other day from the abundance of fresh mint growing in our herb-patch. You just blend it with Cashew nuts, extra vergine olive oil and a bit of lemon peel and orange juice. If you're a mint-lover, it tastes great over pasta or in a salad-dressing.

You need:
75 g Cashewnuts
40 g fresh mint leaves
15 g fresh basil leaves
170 ml olive oil extra vergine
grated peel of one lemon or lime
Dash of orange juice
salt & pepper

Mix Cashews, mint and basil leaves, olive-oil and a dash of orange-juice in a blender. Stir in the lemon-peel and salt and pepper to taste. In a tight jar, the pesto keeps in the refrigerator up to 2 months.

Photos 1-4 MVS, last photo and recipe: Living at home


  1. Oh Martina dearest, I have to try this recipe!! TOnight I am making Basil burgers with basil pesto, but this recipe calls for a nice chicken and pasta dish!! And as for cherries,I am eating some as I type!! I use Greek style vanilla yogurt, some almond extract, cocoa powder and A BUNCH of frozen unsweetened dark red cherries....A MUST FOR A HOT MORNING!!!

    Enjoy this lovely season, Anita

  2. What a lovely tree! I love cherries in everything but the are hard to find around here :(

  3. Good morning Martina! Guess what I am eating as I type? Yep, my yogurt/cherrie concoction!!! And our basil burgers were a smash hit with a large portabello mushroom cap sautéed in olive oil! Ah...summer days are filled with herbs and good eating!

    ENJOY! Anita

  4. Hello Martina! I just lost my comment....thank you for popping on over from Germany! And make sure to get GREEK STYLE vanilla yogurt; it is thick and creamy like cream cheese! ENJOY, and we are having the most beautiful weather! Anita

  5. Oh you know how much I love cherries my friend..yours right off the tree are BEAUTIFUL! Pure inspiration for a painting.
    Have a great weekend...xoox

  6. Deareset Martina, you have come by to visit as always when I have a new post....your visits are so welcome! And we are adding two rooms to our little home that we love so! I so hope everything goes through in a timely manner only because I go back to teaching at the end of August!!!

    Enjoy your cherries....I have some waiting for me in the refrigerator NOW!

    Bisous, Anita

  7. Such toothsome looking cherries. Picked some this week. Can't wait to taste and share. Thanks for that recipe; must try it one evening;-)

  8. Hello, visit here from Indonesia. I love to have many friends from all around the world. Nice blog. Thanks.


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