Monday Love: Black is beautiful!

It isn't a matter of black is beautiful as much as it is white is not all that's beautiful. Bill Cosby

Chalkboard walls are not exactly a novelty, but i just liked these pictures so much and found them so inspiring. I'm thinking of "blackening" one wall in our office that way, for it's not only practical, but also allows some creative fun and doodeling in between.

I wish i'd known about this when my kids were small - they loved painting and drawing on the walls - once, they used my favourit lipstick for an abstract mural all along the hallway ...

Photos: First 3: Anthropologie via Poppytalk
4 th photo: Roland Bello for Shana Faust
Last Photo: Starsky Ranch

By the way – do you need a nice present for a friend or a sweet adition to your private art-collection?

At Poppytalk handmade you’ll have the opportunity to buy affordable art AND help the vulnerable communities threatened by the oil spill. Black is definetely not beautiful in the ocean - we want the blue back!. Poppytalk Handmade is organizing an online virtual fundraiser called the "Oil Spill Response Market" from July 5th - July 30th, 2010! Drop by and have a look!

Scuba Man limited edition print by Matte Stephens


  1. Black is indeed beautiful. Chalkboards remind me of boarding school. What nice memories they evoke. I adore the First and Fourth images;-)
    Here's wishing you a nice Monday evening and enjoy the rest of the week!

  2. I love the anthropologie catalogue(and stores)-such a great idea to do the walls that way :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by City Crafter Challenge Blog (, hope to see your creation soon!
    By the way, you have an interesting blog!

  4. LOVE THIS! The first picture is my favorite.

  5. oh my!! that recipes board is wonderful!
    now here I am thinking which wall can i paint black :)
    happy week lovely ♥

  6. Martina, you are an artist par excellence...who would think to build a motif around chalkboards...only an artist! You have a great eye dearest! Happy week! Anita

  7. I love the idea of things turned into chalkboards, especially for a kid's room. Im thinking of a project for my room so Sofia can play without me worrying so much about ruining the walls!

  8. I adore these images today...I just was at Anthoropolie yesterday and picked up myself the most delightful ruffled so lovely.
    Their catalogue is amazingly beauiful. My daughters both have a wall painted with blackboard paint...they love it! xoxoox

  9. I love these but my chalk drawings aren't really what you would consider art.

  10. Martina dearest!! And to you, I raise my flute of pink champagne! WOw, is it good....have a great day dear one! Anita

  11. I love love love dark rooms. There is something so very elegant and mysterious about them.

    Andrea X


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