Easy stillifes for inspiration

Tout simplement pretty, these pure and simple stillifes from Elephant Props! They caught my eye, so inspiring and meant to inspire.
Michelle Michael and Patrick Moore, former prop-stylists ands set-designers have created a well stocked prop-house for creative people who look for rental items to use in shootings, set-designs for magazines, films, etc.
But looking at them here or at their website is free of charge. Enjoy - and have a lovely middle of the week!

Photos: elephant props


  1. ooooh, i love them all.....especially that stack of cutting boards! how creative! :))

  2. I love that last picture! Those books look so fun and the concept of renting props sounds amazing!

  3. Yes, must be fun to ramble about in that house and play, assembling things, creating sceneries ...

  4. these are great, who doesn't love free inspiration!
    I'm going to go check out more on their website now.

  5. Good morning dearest Martina! WHere words lack, photos are always the main mode of communication and you have mastered that well here. Those colors, the images of whimsy and elegance work so well. You are a real pro! I hope you are having a good summer dear one! Anita

  6. great photos! i'll go check it out....
    thanks for stopping by :)

  7. SImple sweetness, I like everything simple and sweet! GORGEOUS photos Martina. Have a happy day, don't forget your camera ;) xx

  8. Good evening dearest...you are probably asleep by now, but thank you for visiting with me today! Yes, we had a splendid day, around 75 degrees of dry and sun and blue clouds. Rabbit Hill is simply lovely on a day like today! I hope you enjoyed your pasta! Tonight's menu: Civet de poulet au vin blanc!!!

    Bisous, Anita

  9. Lots of great styling inspiration here!
    Thanks for visiting :-)


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