Friday Pretties: Summer issue of KidsLife

Pretty on a friday: The summer issue of KidsLife!
It was delievered to us yesterday, and i was so happy to see it came out so well. This issue is especially dear to me, because it features some great friends i have met in blogland. AND because it was such a hard fight to get it published. We're a small publisher and it is so hard to stand our ground next to the big ones.

The cover, and pix for an article about sweet new family additions is by the fabulous Toni Elmer from Texas. I so love her style, pure sunshine and beauty.

Photos for an article about wild boys came from Elisa Voros, who captured these kids in such a lively and authentic manner.

For the creative section called "Handmade" we are so grateful to Maya Donefeld from "Maya made" for her gorgeous ideas and photos.

And then there is Elsita, a fantastic artist who's work i've shown here some time ago. In KidsLife we show her book "Blossom Buddies" and an interview about the amazing work she does with her autistic son Diego. See how open he looks on that photo here, with his sister Natalie on a wedding - no one would even guess he is autistic. But it is not rejecting, but accepting the special condition of her youngest, that has made all this progress possible.

Our magazine is so far only available in german, but who knows, maybe i can get a smaller version going - as an E-mag in english language. Am thinking about this.
Big thanks to all these wonderful ladies and a fun and relaxed weekend to all of you!
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Photos: 1st: MVS - Martina Voigt Schmid, 2nd: Toni Elmer, 3rd: Elisa Voros, 4th: Maya Donefeld, 5th: Elsita


  1. It looks really great! You've done a wonderful job :)

  2. wow, well done! fabulous images, looks like a great mag.

  3. I shall get a copy of the magazine this weekend.
    Am currently in Germany. Have a sunny and bright weekend;-)

  4. Oh sweet one I so would love to see this magazine!!!! The images are amazing!!!! I so want to see your work.
    Hugs for a happy weekend my sweet creative friend. xoxo

  5. Hi Martina,
    I am visiting from Joyce's "Friday Pretties" posting. Your blog is very pretty and creative, I love that!
    Your magazine looks lovely!
    Have a beautiful day...:)
    @}`~}~~~ Gloria

  6. Oh my, what gorgeous children! Oh Martina, what a beautiful world you create!!! So colorful, lovely and positive! Thank you for your support and visits...they mean so much to me! Have a lovely weekend, Anita

  7. Welcome to Friday Pretties! It is so fun to visit new blogs! Your magazine looks wonderful- hopefully someday it will be in English!

    Thanks for playing along!

  8. Hi Martina! Thank you for your comment about my Henri'. Your photograph and the others are beautiful. Such beautiful children. I will be in Maryland next month and they have a German store there that carries many German magazines and I will look for it. Maybe I will ask my cousin to check ahead of time, since this is a summer issue. Good luck with it - I can see it's wonderful.

  9. It looks fantastic! You did a great job! Congratulations!

  10. Oh this is wonderful! congratulations!!!!!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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