Monday Love: Pink rooms and a pink dress

Think Pink!
It is such a good mood color and perfect to start the week on an optimistic note:
Look, i'm ready to enjoy life, and i'm here to add raspberry and cream to the daily bread and butter!
As a kid, my dream was a pink ball gown. Today, a tiny dose - like pink toenails - are mostly enough to ad a twinkle to an outfit.

Pink is a color, that always looks great on photos - a real eye candy. Pink floor and  walls and chair might be a wee bit too much in real life - but isn't it gorgeous in this picture? I'd love to stroll around in this room and see what it feels like..

And look what it does to this tiny kitchen.  Doesn't it look bright and happy, even though everything else is so basic? Color just ads emotion - and why be sparse with it?

Pink in Feng Shui:
Pink in an environment sooths the heart and fills it with love. Placed it in the Southwest area of your home,it benefits the Love and Marriage aspect of your life. Hmmmm - ever tried that? ;)

Since i'm living with 3 men (and a tomcat) i must be careful about using pink in my surroundings. But a painting, a cushion or a bright orchid can be wonderful already.

 Pictures: Wedding magazine, Marie Claire Maison

And look what i've got the other day - as a belated birthday present from my sister: A lovely pink bag from greengate. The perfect accessoire to jazz up my outfits for the last month of summer -Yay!

P.S.: Jane Mansfield said: "A woman should be pink and cuddly for a man." Do you agree?


  1. Oh my know how much I LOVE this post today...I want to get out the pink paint and go for it! xoxoxo Happy MONDAY!!!!

  2. What a pinky post... Lovely and beautiful... All the pics are amazing... The kitchen and the rooms look very very wonderful... Have a nice day:)

  3. Great your bag best of all!

  4. The dress, love the dress. The bag, want to have that bag! So so gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful new week, Martina. Sending you German and Dutch hugs xxx

  5. i think that jane mansfield always had the right idea!! lovely pink, gorgeous photos!! happy belated birthday to you, sweet martina!! i love your new pink bag!! xox, :))

  6. Oh I love the feung shui aspect! I always find that perspective of design so helpful!
    Love! Thanks for stopping by my blog too :)
    xo tash

  7. Oh how lovely!! This post makes me happy : )

  8. Martina!!! Oh, I think there is something wrong with my blog list of favorites...I did not see this wonderful post come up! Oh, this was sensational! PINK IS IT!!!! Each photo is a lovely detail of a soft and peaceful color, and some men do well with it! :) THANK YOU FOR Going to Rattus's blog! I told him that you visited and he was thrilled; he will be visiting your shortly. He is in the middle of repairing out kitchen door.....but thank you. He is a great writer, and if you ever have time, you must see he writings!

    Well, I have three weeks left of a lovely summer vacation, and then it is time to get back to the classroom. I cannot believe how time went so fast, but I guess when you are enjoying yourself, that is what happens! ENJOY THE WEEK DEAR ONE! Anita

  9. Dear Martina,
    Thank you for visiting Rattus Scribus. What a pleasure to have you and your kind comments. I love your blog as well. Anita and I love pink. In fact we have a dear make believe rabbit named Pink Lady who is always around to make sure we pay proper respect to all things pink. Best wishes to you and your magazine and artistry.


  10. One word comes to mind....Heavenly! :) Love all of these photos! So fun, and inspirational!
    I think I could live easiest with the softest pink pictured in the last photo. So soft and pretty!
    Your bag is beautiful! Nice sister you have there! :)
    I think as far as being pink and cuddly goes... I agree we should be that sometimes. But considering how much I love the color blue and with how relaxed it makes me feel. I would also say, we should be a little blue and soothing to the soul as well! :) ....or a lady of many colors for our many moods! :)
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!
    Have a great day!
    @}~`}~~~ Gloria

  11. oh my god
    I love the first pict sooooooooo much
    and yes
    thx for post about pink
    coz I love this color :D

  12. Mmmm... pink... remind me to a candy.
    Oh.. but I love pink!! the warmth and sweet color.
    Thanks for the beautiful pink post.

    Have a great Tuesday!
    love, nensa

  13. Pink is my favorite color.Loved your post.

  14. Hello Martina,thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment,just say that I like all your pictures,so colorful,I follow you....

    have a beautiful evening

  15. I think, too dominant pink color will look gaudy.

  16. Tikno: your absolutely right! Pink is more like a cupcake, something sweet that has to come in small amounts. But i just loved these photos and thought, they'd bring fun to the week!

  17. oh these are utterly fantastic! I love the pops of pink!!
    Great finds:)

  18. Pink... Summer is perfect for playing with all things pink and feminine. I purchased a pink shorts last week in Germany, and must confess that I'm quite in love with it. I agree - a woman should be Pink for a Man;-)

  19. Oh how divine . I love love pink !! and that pink wall, I would love one of those, but dont think my hubby would be too impressed :)

  20. Dear Martina, I love pink!! And I love all the images you've shared. I think your bag looks gorgeous! Did you know that in the past, pink was considered to be a boy's colour, and blue was for girls?? But nowadays, its the opposite. Interesting, isn't it?

  21. There are things I can not understand but I will learn it. I think nothing is too late. Then I realized that I had improved a lot.


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