Friday Pretties: Blue flowers

Don't you love feeling blue sometimes?
I feel like taking a little break in outer space right now, or at the blue lagoon, or in the desert, where the night skies must be vast and the stars huge and dripping with light. I heard that the bushmen even hear the stars making sounds, and i'd love to find out wether i could hear them too.

This painting was done after reading a lot of Laurence van der Post, a south african author who wrote wonderful books about the bushmen and the animals of his country. The painting is long sold, but i remembered it today, because i craved this kind of deep but friendly blue. The kind you sometimes see, just before it gets dark. In Aura Soma colour-therapy the blue bottle stands for peace and peaceful leadership.

Have a colourful weekend with everything you like best - i'd be happy to hear from you!


  1. Dear Martina,
    I love this soothing blue artwork, and yes, I do love feeling "blue" sometimes! YOU did a very beautiful job on this painting! It is so nice to view it...:) Thanks for sharing!!!
    Have a pretty "blue" day!

  2. I know what you mean. and I LOVE this painting. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Yes Martina
    I can fell the blue feeling from that pict
    I agree that blue keep peace around us
    go blue :D

  4. Martina my dearest! I agree! BLUE is my favorite color....for years it was peridot green and I will always love that color, but AQUA, TURQUOISE and COBALT blue are my are quite the artist my friend....I see you went to NOWHERE! I hope you were able to see my illustrations....the post you commented on was by another team member, but if you wish to see my illustrations, just look for the Faerie Mermaid and other drawings of Tea Rat and Rattus and the THEATRE PRODUCTION....and of course, at the bottom of the post it will say posted by CASTLES.......

    THANK YOU FOR COMING and enjoy a wonderful weekend! Anita

  5. What a beautiful post... I love being under the night sky, blue lagoon.... The painting is so cool blue... Loved the post... Have a nice day..:)

  6. Wowww...i like these...lovely blues !!! happpy weekend Ria...

  7. Oh, so pretty and peaceful. Thanks for playing along with Friday Pretties this week. Your paintings are so interesting!

    Enjoy your weekend,

  8. Beautiful painting dear Martina. And I totally agree with you about feeling blue sometimes...

    Have a great weekend my dear friend.

    Cheers: Evi

  9. Hi Martina!
    This painting provokes thought and emotion... the fiery flowers at the bottom and the beautiful oak leaf... to me, symbolizing strength ~ in the center...
    Very beautiful, pretty indeed!
    It must be difficult to part with a painting that helped "wash away dust from your soul."

    {love that quote in your sidebar!}

  10. MARTINA!!!! OH, yes, Orange and Vanilla together TASTE SO GOOD!!!!! This is a treat that most Americans remember: CREAMSICLE or it was also called a 50/50 bar. But the colors together also evoke a refreshing air...the scent as well is magical, and I can see you wearing this color! Being an artist yourself, you probably understand color better than I do; I have always shyed away from using colors...I am the illustrator, and a quick-draw at that...I leave the coloring to someone else, but I think I want to play around with colors more!

    Yes, do go to Nowhere and look for the posts by Castles Crowns and Cottages or Rattus Scribus (my husband) so you can see my drawings....silly pen and ink, but nonetheless, fun!!!!!

    Thank you for your visit my sweet friend! Anita

  11. What a beautiful dreamy blue. Beautiful painting!

  12. Love this my friend!!!!

    Hugs for a happy is soooo hot here..only place to go is the off we go.

    Did you get the magazine parcel yet??


  13. This is beautiful, and I love the color! I live in the desert now, and the night skies are very nice. We also have some gorgeous sunsets!

  14. Martina dear! HAPPY SUNDAY!!! If you have a moment, go to Nowhere...I posted an animated or rather, a gif. of Tea Rat...he is dancing! Crank up the music....

  15. Maratina! made it to Nowhere to have a little dance with Tea Rat! He can really shake things up....and oh how I love to make people chuckle.....I am having fun playing with a little animation.

    Our weather is also telling us that school is just around the corner! Two more weeks and I am back in the classroom preparing for the first week of September to welcome all the children back. Enjoy your cool weather dearest one...we are having some cool breezes come in and it is lovely.

    BONNE JOURNÉE and merci for coming! Anita

  16. ich glaube das ist mein neues Lieblingsbild von dir :)
    dieses blau ist ja der Wahnsinn!


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