Friday Pretties: Collage chair - with tutorial

From old to new!
A little crafty project i tried out myself after having posted about it some time ago. A plain chair - we bought some of them in a second-hand store - was covered in pretty bits and pieces from old "Country Living" magazines i had stored up for ages. I love collages - and although you need a lot of sticky glue to make this, it's worth the effort!

This is the chair before

If you feel inclined to try this for yourself, the steps are:
1. Sandpaper the chair
2. Prepare glue and collage bits from pretty papers and magazines
3. Glue paper on to chair quickly - let your intuition guide you!
4. Let it dry, and then varnish and dry again - best overnight.

See? It's easy! Have a fab weekend everyone and see more prettieness  here

Fotos: Moi (MVS)


  1. i love that idea!i need to find a chair like that. i've seen them painted and they look really cool-but collage would be much easier for me to accomplish :)

  2. I think I will make one of these! xxxx

  3. What a creative idea!
    I wouldn't be able to re-decorate this chair.
    You are so creative. Have a nice weekend;-)

  4. Fun chair!!!! My daughter did this to a bedside table when she was in high school. She did a glass mosaic design on the sides and paper collage on the top and front and legs. She loved just being totally creative with the piece and making it what she wanted it to be. (I think I have a picture of that table someplace in one of my posts.)

  5. This definitely is a lot of work...
    But it looks wonderful and very artistic after its finished!
    Excellent art, Martina:)

  6. That is so pretty, Martina. You're so creative.


  7. Beautiful....and artsy! I love it! Great job on this, Martina!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    xoxo Gloria

  8. woww... you're very creative, Martina!
    I have a kind of chair like yours and it looked old enough... i think better to make it new by your tutorial... haha..
    Thanks for sharing your great idea.
    have a great weekend, friend!

  9. Good morning dearest Martina! Oh, school is driving me crazy and tired!!! I could not get to your post yesterday morning as is my habit....I love the quiet morning so that I can blog and blog and visit my dear friends! THIS PROJECT IS DIVINE! I would have never thought of doing this, but what a wonderful idea! I love the lines of the chair, and any motif would came out wonderful. And I am much better, thank you...but with still a bit of raspy voice! AND YOU??????? Take your tea, write a poem and work in this divine autumn weather....I have an article to start and get down before NOVEMBER for La Belle is so fun to write for Mimi....and our weather is perfect for that! Enjoy each moment....Anita

  10. Martina,
    Thank you so, for your gracious visit, and comment on my white buffet!

    I LAUGHED!! and SMILED!!! when I saw your collaged chair!
    When I was about 17 I drove everyone crazy with my collage, I paperd everything I touched. The one thing of collage art I was most proud of was the double closet doors. I collaged the insides the front sides and all with magazine pages as well, they looked super modeled when I was done, and a lot of great eyes stairing at us.

    So...You may girl brought back a great teenage memory to me :)

    Thank you Martina!
    see you soon.
    I see my friend Anita made a visit to you!

  11. Your chair turned out amazing. Es is toll!! For what magazine do you work? I would love love to buy a copy. Hope your Saturday is lovely so far, have a sweet evening xxx

  12. Hi, You won my giveaway. Check out my blog to see your prize and where to message your postal address

    Well done.

  13. KidsLife?! But that's a great magazine ! I bought a copy {with the sweet light haired little girl on the cover} when I was in Dresden last Summer. I love love love your magazine. It caught my eye, they other magazines didn't. Loved the Blumenbuddies.
    Wishing you a great start of the new week, Martina xxx

  14. What a fantastic idea! I never would have thought of doing this! I will be looking out for a chair that I can try this with!

  15. I used to create pen holders using bits and pieces of newspaper, magazines. The different fonts and colors looked pretty on holder. I loved your idea of taking collage to a newer level.


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