Monday Love: Felted things

Some Felted things 
i made for the handmade section of our magazine KidsLife some time ago. Although i normally hate needlework of all kinds, sometimes in the cold season i like making little things out of Waldorf-wool - it's so soft and cozy, and the things have a life of their own. It's like therapy - try it!
Directions (in german) here!

Otherwise, just work from your intuition, like i do. You can't do much wrong here, it will always look nice. The heart and stones are made with a felting needle over a form of styropor. If you work with a felting needle, take care of your hands! It hurts, if you stitch yourself, but besides that it's fun - like a good kind of woodoo-magic!

P.S: There's a fun giveaway over at Obee Design - check it out!


  1. Un trabajo muy delicado, me encanta.

  2. If you have any kicking around, I'd love to buy them! These are so sweet. I just may check out the link as well.
    Have a lovely day!

  3. My dear, dear friend.....stress....oh yeah, do I know it. I am barely getting around to sit in front of my computer today. First let me say, you are so kind to come over and leave such kind comments; we are here to help eACH OTHER COPE....I LOVE TO BLOG and be with you and friends, because it relieves the stress from the work world. I am so tired, stressed myself, and it affects my teaching. We are on such tight schedules that I can't give the children what I want; I want to give them laughter as well as excellence, but we are always running from one place to another.....on another note, YOUR BIRD IS DARLING!!! DO YOU SELL THEM? CAN I BUY THIS ONE????? YOU ARE BRILLIANT! Oh dearest one, why are YOU stressed? I told you my me whenever you wish....I care...


  4. cute!!!! i want a felt bird for my christmas tree ;)


  5. I just love those cute cuddlies.

  6. Like your blog'S style!! Please keep on working hard. ^^

  7. This is so pretty and charming! Very peaceful...Following you back :)
    Thank you for your sweet visit.

  8. My dear Martina,

    Oh the stress....and you have a huge project to always work on! I was just talking to my colleague with whom I am working closely this year and we are both asking, "How long can we keep up this pace?" I am hoping that once most of the "mystery" is taken out of the novelty of our new assignments this year, we can develop a rhythm that is not quite as taxing on our bodies and minds! Again, I came home last night only to eat and fall asleep immediately. But after a moment of complaining, I have to say that I am grateful for a job. This is just the way the work world is.....but you are smart to do yoga. I work out myself, but stretching will have to become part of my routine since I have developed a very tight lower back! Oh, time to go; so nice to hear from you again dearest.

    Have a calm day.....Anita

  9. Oh those little birdies are my favorite!!!

  10. Beautiful! Love that sweet bird! I have never tried felting...I do love the look of all the projects I have seen made though.
    I hope you are having a wonderful day!
    xoxo Gloria @}~`}~~~

  11. Oh my, that is one cute bird! I have never worked with felt, but I am loving the look. Well done!
    ....Smile on Rosie...

  12. These are beyond beautiful and cute dear Martina. Looks like they've been made out of clouds :-) Love them.

    Cheers: Evi

  13. Lovely little things! Would make a fun ornament too!
    Hope you are having a lovely week Martina!

  14. Charming things - can't do needle work to save my life, but I adore your handmade goodness above. Have a happy weekrend;-)

  15. your little felted happies are so cozy and soft looking!!! i love them both!!! xox, :))

  16. Oww...they looked so cutie!!
    Are they have really a kind of Voodoo magic?? haha...kidding!
    I just love them...
    Thanks for showing us, my sweet friend!

    Happy Friday to you and your loved family!

  17. Beautiful Martina!!! Oh I love what the Yogis have to say about youth! I better keep my back in shape! ANd what a nice thing to say about bloggers...I think that is so true, that those who make an effort, that shows they really care about communicating and making connections. Well said, and I feel that is what my goal communicate joy and hope through the simple and whimsical side of life. I hope that you will always find peace and joy in whatever corner of life you find yourself dearest. You are so sweet.

    I wish you a relaxed evening and Friday...we are almost there to the weekend!!! Bisous, Anita

  18. These little felted buddies are ADORABLE. Having some felted items around my home too, to look at and to touch every now and then ;D
    Ich werde einen pink bracelet mitschicken beim Magazin.
    Have a happy Friday, Martina, make sure you get your well deserved rest and relax time ob das du naechste Woche knallen kannst ;D


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