Friday Pretties: Happy weekend!

Me and my 3 men

on a holiday in Italy, 2 years ago. We made a day-trip to Monaco and wandered around the casino and the harbor, looking at all the magnificent boats and the deep blue ocean. Hope your weekend will be just as fine. This is just a quickie-post to tell you i love you! Will be back on monday with a fun thing - you'll see!
Meanwhile take time and visit Joyce and  more pretties here!!


  1. Wow, I love love everything about this picture, Martina.
    Have a great weekend, what is the weather in Germany like? We will be covered by tons of sweet raindrops. xxxx

  2. what a nice family portrait!
    have a super weekend martina :)

  3. What a beautiful family portrait! You are so pretty, Martina, perfect for Friday Pretties!!

    Have a happy weekend!
    xoxo Gloria

  4. that handsome family!!
    Have a happy happy weekend!!

  5. what a beautiful picture. so perfectly composed. your family is lovely.

    happiest of friday pretties, martina.

  6. What a Beautiful picture of a Beautiful family.
    I have four boys of my own, and whenever we are together, which is very rare these days, I insist on a picture. They love it. Ha Ha

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Pretties. This is very pretty indeed!

  7. the pics are simple marvelous, very classic.

  8. WOOWW... What a nice family picture, Martina!
    You looked so pretty around the 3 guys...
    Thanks for showing us here.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

  9. WOOOOOOOOOW, Martina dearest, this may be a QUICKIE POST, but a lovely one at that...your men are stunning...and you, YOU are fabulous dearest! LOOK AT YOU ALL! You look like you are having fun, I must say, on that gorgeous gentleman's is always fun to be treated like a queen amongst such knights in shining armor! Oh dearest, I so know how you feel about the is such a BAD thing for us, but our working world has turned crazy....sucking the energy out of us who are fortunate enough to have jobs.....what a crazy world we have....I do hope you can have some time to enjoy yourself this weekend...much love to you dear friend in Germany...Anita

  10. What a sweet picture! How fun you got to go to Italy! I have always wanted to go there :)
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh I adore this photo...your men are soooo handsome! And you my friend...ADORABLE!

    weekend hugs...enjoy.

  12. Is this the coolest photo or what?! You are the Queen with her court on holiday. Life is good!!

    xx and a oo too,

  13. Thanks all of you for your lovlieness! Actually - i think this is about the only picture with all the 4 of us, AND my hubby not trying to make a stupid face, so, i'm really fond of it!

  14. MARTINA!! I always wanted a house full of boys and to this day, my male students are my favorite....I was crying a bit this morning as I was sitting quietly having my tea....oh what a glorious moment...and I was thinking how I had always wanted boys. I have no children, but I was thinking about the son I never had. His name would have been Luc. I always dreamed about him, but we just never had kids. I adore my female students, but there is something about the boys that connect with....funny! Oh, you had lousy weather! I do hope however, that you were able to slow down a little dearest. Sunday, make it YOUR soon, Anita

  15. Simply beautiful, and timeless!
    Love you too, Martina:)
    Have a happy and colourful Sunday, dear :-)

  16. You have such a beautiful family (:

    P.S. What camera do you use?


  17. Martina, what a beautiful family you have. I love this picture! Hope it is hanging in a frame in your home:D

  18. Thank you Martina for your lovely visit.
    I hope you left inspired to creat some recyled candles in beautiful containers.

    Love your creative art over here and I too am inspired by its beauty.

    "Besuch bald"

  19. Your valuable and sweet comment was not lost, Martina... Looks like I forgot to publish the comments that day!
    Anyways, many thanks for your concern and visiting back again:)
    Have a great day ahead... See you soon:)

  20. GOOD MORNING DEAREST! I had no computer time yesterday and I never get any comments on Sundays...but then I see that some people DID visit and here I am! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVING COMMMENTS!!! And yes, I DID get some ME time yesterday and it was SPLENDID! I created two homemade books and it just tickles me to do so! I will be sending one to a friend in the Netherlands and giving one to a colleague tomorrow for her birthday!

    HAVE a relaxing Monday my dear, dear friend. OFF I GO MYSELF.....Anita

  21. What a beautiful family...have a wonderful trip!!

  22. Black and white photos are so pretty! You have a lovely family Martina, thanks for sharing :)

  23. what a beatiful family portrait looks like you all had a wonderful time it really shines through in this photo.


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