I've been tagged ...

 Something old
(A painting i did a long time ago)

Something new
(A painting that is not finished yet)

Something borrowed
(A pair of paintings by fellow artist Susan Brown)

Something blue
(A pair of paintings on my studio wall - i can't part with them)

And something more blue
(Also by artist Susan Brown) 

... tagged by my dear blogfriend Anita from "Castles, Crowns And Cottages" with a special task to compose a post with  

something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

That sounds nice - like a poem, and since this is an art-blog, i decided to show you some paintings of mine and some of a fellow artist i like - enjoy looking!

And i'm passing the task on to

Saskia from Join my joy
Gwynnie from Gwynnie B. Designs
Chrissy from cul*ti*vate
Andrea from Andrea creates

Have fun with this project!


  1. Oh Martina.....I love all of them (and thanks for introducing Susan). But, that first painting is my favorite. Is that somewhere hanging in your studio as well? Lovely. Just lovely. How talented.

  2. Oh how fun-I was happily reading along and then saw my name at the bottom of the post :)
    I will definitely have to think up a good post for the challenge-The paintings you've shared are great!
    Have a wonderful day Martina

  3. Oh they're all so beautiful, Martina!! I want to come hang out in your studio and absorbed all the creative goodness that spills from you :)

    I'm up for the challenge, dahling!! Thank you for "tagging" me. Now let's see what I can do...

  4. What a fun, and beautiful post! Very talented artists you and your friend are!!! Loved viewing your lovely art. :)
    Have a sweet day!
    xoxo Gloria @}~`}~~~

  5. Oh dearest one! I am finally here at my hour of returning home from work to find such a lovely and magical post. Your art is superb, and your studio wall is magnificent. I can see why you don't want to part with these fab paintings. The other artists you feature are wonderful as well, making this page a happy spot with such vibrant colors. I hope that your heart is happy today and that the stress levels have dissipated. I am tired, eating my dinner and staying put tonight, getting ready for another wild day at school!

    Relax and get a good night's sleep...I wish I could say GOOD NIGHT IN GERMAN!!! Bonne nuit, Anita

  6. Martina, Thanks for the Diwali Greetings.
    Loved your paintings too.

  7. Oh dear Martina...your studio and home is really pretty and so cheerful. Besides your truly gorgeous art collection I also adore your pillow cases :-)

    I hope your week is off to a fabulous start...cheers: Evi

  8. Dearest Martina! Oh how I especially love that first painting! Thank YOU for coming to see ME! Talk about juggling more than 2 things at work....the word, "MULTITASKING" has made it into our vocabulary, but I don't think our brains really can handle WELL doing more than one thing at once and do it WELL! I try it all the time, but I just end up frustrated! SO.....I wish you a peaceful and fulfilling day today, taking one bit at a time, indeed. You are always so generous to take time out of your day to come to visit me, and that is so appreciated dearest. Bises, Anita

  9. You have described well Martina... Loved the old painting and the new one!!
    Have a great day:)

  10. Hallo liebe Martina, deine Bilder sind sehr schoen. Ich liebe l i e b e Blau!
    I will play along, looks like a fun game. Must think about my items ;)
    Meine Augen sind am letterbox genagelt!! Cannot wait to leave through your lovely magazine.
    Een fijne avond ~ ein schoenen Abend xxxxx

  11. Well that's a cute tag!!!
    I LOVE all the art....what a happy home it makes. Your unfinished piece makes me think of Jacqueline Kennedy with little John, Jr.

  12. What a fun theme! Each beautiful and different from the next!

  13. GUTEN MORGAN my dear friend! ( I am learning greetings in several languages!) Oh how I love your sweet comments my dear friend; my days are also filled with much stress and I have been so energetic up until last year. I had a very difficult class of kids and this year I have double the amount of children with only a few tough kids. I could not imagine doing this model of teaching with the children that I had last year, but I am wondering how long any of us can last doing this ridiculous style of teaching. And on top of that, I am having back and leg pains that I am guessing are due to pinched nerves in my back, but all the same, it affects the way I feel throughout the day, which really is unusual for me! I just long to come home at night to eat a lovely meal with Ruben and blog, play my harp or do something creative. I also wish you a better day today, a wonderful weekend, and great week ahead. Our holidays are coming up and I am so excited to see how you and all the other incredible woman out there are going to celebrate. Our building has been moving along very well, but we are simply waiting for the wood trusses to come in so framing can begin! Our weather is still good, but I understand these men work through the winter. The toughest job, the digging and laying of the foundation is OVER, so if the ground freezes, the worst is over.

    Much love to you this fine day! Anita

  14. Guten Abend liebe Martina! Oh how I love learning new phrases in languages!!! Oh dearest, stress is wanting to take over, isn't it? I hope your husband is going to be o.k.....do you know that my chest was hurting yesterday, but I get that when I get stressed. I cannot wait for the weekend, but I am home now, I am relaxed and laughing and playing and creating is what I love and do best!!!! I wish you a great Friday and thank you for your companionship and friendship; it means a lot to me dearest!


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