Friday Pretties: A little treat for chocolate lovers

Some sweetness can save the day

... especially a cold and rainy november day!  And especially the sweetness of chocolate! This looks like the thick and creamy hot chocolate they serve in italy - a recipe by Nigella Lawson i'm going to try this weekend.  Just looking at it makes me feel better! What are your plans for the weekend?

Photo via Nigella Lawson
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  1. That looks so rich & delicious! Hope you enjoy it.

  2. It's snowing again :) We are in the winter wonderland since Friday, the thermometer dipping down to -8 over night. We are drinking hot chocolate for a week already (there is something about hot chocolate and snow) but this decadent cup definitely looks like the "REAL STUFF" and I would like to give it a try this weekend too :))

    You have a wonderful day Martina, xo Monika

  3. OMG I have got to make this! I know that there is a place in Paris that serves up their hot chocolate as if it were pudding, just like this! DEAREST FRIEND! THANK YOU FOR COMING BY AND WISHING US A GREAT THANKSGIVING! The turkey is in the oven NOW, and it is smelling so good. It will be ready in about 2 hours and then we will feast and rejoice in having these days off! I had so much fun today dearest in my workshop. I glittered a star wand, I worked on my Christmas tree and I just enjoyed the creative quiet of my sweet home.


    BISES, Anita

  4. Hi, I just came across your blog and love it! I'm a new follower :)
    I'd also like to invite you to participate on a beautiful giveaway on my blog! Here's the link:
    Boho Market Giveaway
    It's a beautiful and unique piece! Hope you're having a lovely day!

  5. Heavy rains here Martina,I feel like dipping my fingers in the hot creamy choco.

  6. Yammie !! delicious friday pretties!!! Ria........

  7. OH MARTINA!!! Yes, one day dearest, you might see me in your neck of the German woods! And thank you for coming are you today? I am so happy, but Monday will present new challenges to me, but I will do my best to get through the last of my parent conferences! Oh, and the watercolor is not mine; it is from Patricia at Woolytales. She is a phenomenal artist and friend!


  8. Oh, and I love your comment about my blog being a magazine in itself! That is what I aim to do; I want my blog to almost be its own magazine but without the advertisements for money....

  9. Never ever have seen something like this before, liebe Martina!! Soooo Chocolaty. Schokolade to the max!!
    Have a great weekend, it will be sehr Kalt hier in die Niederlande

  10. I can feel the chocolatey goodness rush through my veins right now! Your photo makes me want to have lots of cups of hot cocoa with marshmellows while sitting by the fire and hanging out with my man.

    Ah, life is sweet with chocolate and friends :)

  11. Yummy delish! Its' cool and rainy here, wonderful cocoa weather! XX!

  12. Sooo sweet my dear...I would love to do this.

    Hugs for a great to make some popcorn...and have a movie night...Elf! xoxoxoox

  13. Chocolate is always my #1 choice for a sweet!
    Beautiful photo!
    We went to see Harry Potter today at the movies. Tomorrow we are going to visit our youngest daughter, and new grandbaby...:)
    I hope you are having a happy weekend!
    xoxo Gloria

  14. Have a sweet evening, Martina. Some very cold weather is banging on my door, is it that cold in Deutschland auch? Brrrrr, I have been inside the house all day long, close to the fireplace to keep warm.
    Enjoy deinen Sonntag! xxxx

  15. Oh precious friend, how cozy and lovely to have had tea time with a friend and an ARTIST TO BOOT! Even if it is cold, what a warm and lovely time to spend; we are having cold weather too, but when the wind is mild, it is absolutely charming the snow. I really do like the cold! I am strange, I know!

    Thank you for coming by; to see you is always such a joy!

    YOU HAVE A QUIET AND SIMPLE SUNDAY....I love those type of days. Today, I was up in my bedroom reading Cinderella in French and watching the prisms from my table chandelier dance with light as the winter sun rushed in through my window......see, simple things like this make me SMILE!

    Happy Sunday, Anita

  16. This looks amazing! Chocolate is my weakness! Mmm I am craving it now!!

  17. YUM!...happy day my

  18. I'm going to spend the weekend making and eating these yummy cookies.

  19. So sweet, so pretty, and so yummy, I need dessert now!


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