Wild girls

2 artists, 6 paintings

These are small canvases - a series of six  that are a collaboration between a good friend and me. I did the painting part and she added the crayon and typographie. We do this on a regular base since many years now and it's always interesting. It is a very special kind of work, and i couldn't do it with anyone else. 

We've started this way of working, when our kids were small and both of us didn't find time to paint at all. So we exchanged little sheets of paper, and each of us in turn added something here and there, until we thought it was finished. With time, we went on to bigger things and organized exibitions. At the moment, the paintings are part of an open house-show at my friends beautiful home.

Hope your week gets of to a great start  - See you soon!

Paintings: Martina Voigt-Schmid, Andrea König


  1. sounds like a fun interesting idea! great paintings :)
    hope you have a great week~

  2. Martina, good work , you & your friend is really talented.

  3. Interesante idea con un magnífico resultado.
    Buena semana para ti también.

  4. Guten guten Abend liebe Martina. Ich liebe diese Farbe, sehr heiss und zart.
    Das hast du sehr schoen gemacht. Ist es auch so extrem Kalt in deine Ecke der Welt? Brrrrr. Viel spass mit alle Tasse Tee heute Abend!
    Guten Nacht fur Spaeter ^_~
    Du weisst bestimmt wie ich alles meine in meine Nachricht, teehee!!! Alles gute liebe Freundin xxxx

  5. I absolutely am in love with this idea...the collaborative art work...and I'm thinking my daughter and I should start doing something like this.....maybe even start a shared journal....that would be something to keep! right!

    ohhh thank you so very much for sharing this idea with us....I am so high on inspiration thanks to you!

    great work...love the melding of the two artistic visions!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  6. Oh my dear friend! What a fun and most ORIGINAL WAY TO COLLABORATE WITH A FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE! That is incredible that you have blended both of your talents together on the same CANVAS! Now that is a story in itself waiting to be told dearest. Lovely, lovely colors make the chill of winter wear away! Oh, you my dear, you too want to just play? I had the best 5 day vacation for our Thanksgiving holiday and it was much needed. I had a stomach ache going into work today, but the day was overall very productive. I am always so happy to see on certain days, how the children respond and work so well and tonight was the end of my long parent conferences. I live about 50 minutes away from my school and tonight, it is raining, but TOMORROW, SNOW is in the forecast, ruining the building plans! The wood and trusses were delivered today and the back exterior wall of the house was prepared by taking off all the brick. Things are looking good, but with our wild weather here, it could be delayed. But I cannot wait for the next three weeks to go by fast, for we get another 2 week vacation for Christmas!!!Ruben will be on sabbatical and will be home. Ahhhhh, what a nice thought!

    Well dear one, enjoy all you can of the rest you can sneak in...so good to see you, Martina!


  7. i love this idea...i am always in awe of your talent dear friend. i hope you have a most wonderful week.

  8. Beautiful! I love the color combinations, and the mood of the artwork. So pretty!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!

    xoxo Gloria

  9. How fun to collaborate with a friend and see what the result is! These are fantastic!!

  10. MARTINA! BONSOIR MA CHÈRE! Oh Martina, I just saw on the news how you all are buried in snow! And that Europe is experiencing early snowfall! Yes, we got a lot of snow today, BUT, do you know that our builder just called us to tell us all the lumber came in and they are coming tomorrow to deliver all the materials and I think they may even start building!!! Nothing stops Minnesotans from working outside. Oh, dear heart, bundle up good; you don't want to get sick! But it is fun to stay in and warm up with hot cocoa, tea or coffee! I send you warm hugs, Anita

  11. Fabulous collaboration! Love it! I love typography, you ladies are brilliant! XX!

  12. first one is really beautiful,
    but I love all them!!!
    it is a great and funny idea!!!
    Martina have a lovely week!


  13. Such a wonderful work! Love it!
    Ps: Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)
    Boho Market

  14. How special to have a friend so dear that you can paint together! Love your work today...thank you for sharing....such talent you both have.

    Happy December my sweet friend. xoxoxo

  15. This is such a great idea! Great work! It makes me want to do projects like this with my best friend :)

  16. Oh my dear, dear friend! Thank you for coming by and commenting on my header! I so love Paris anytime of the year, but Christmas has to be the best. Can you imagine the shopping???? THE FOOD? Oh, and to meet you there on the Champs Elysees!!!

    Let us dream....hey, it is 10 degrees farenheit here today! Bises, Anita

  17. Hallo liebe liebe Martina, es schneit hier auch sehr viel. We have never had this cold this time of year, so frueh! Am Monntag kommt der Weihnachtsbaum im Haus, ich freue mich darauf. Viel Rot wird es dieses Jahre geben!!! Guten Nacht, liebe Freundin. Sending some sweet snowflakes your way ***x***x***. Viel spass im Schnee! ***x***x***

  18. What a wonderful way to stay creative. I have a moms lunch coming up. I am going to do this instead of a kids craft. We so need this in our lives.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I am so glad I came to see yours.

  19. Hi Martina,
    'Wild girls'... a very impressive painting!
    I can figured out the ones who painted it were having lots of fun doing it...
    Really love your lovely art woork!

    hope you and family have a wonderful day during December.


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