It's teatime, kids!

 Tea can save a rainy day ...

... well, at least if you serve homemade scones with it, a tradition we came to love from our dear au-pair Janine from New-Zealand. I'm not a big housewife or baker myself, but these are so easy - and perfect for grey afternoons. 

2 cups of flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons butter (room temperature)
3/4 cup milk

Mix all dry ingredients, ad butter in little lumps, then stir in a little milk and knead a dough. Gradually add more milk, as you go along. Form a roll and cut little rounds from it. Place on baking sheet (covered with baking-paper) and bake until nicely browned. Serve warm with jam and whipped cream.

Fotos: 1st: Digitalstock, 2nd and 3rd: Martina Voigt-Schmid

And if you happen to have too many teapots in the house, stuffing your cupboards, here's what you can do with them: a teapot lamp! I really love this idea by Sweet Paul - a great food stylist, who never fails to inspire me. This was a project for for the magazine Country Living.


  1. Soy bastante mediocre con las masas, pero parece facil, probaré.

  2. We LOVE a good tea party to cheer up rainy days!!! & jam & whipped cream on a biscut..YUM!!! Sure makes me think it is time for a tea party here! :)

  3. gosh! teaport lampshade... i soo in love.

  4. I can not agree more Martina and gray day we have! Lately, my favorite tea is "green tea with roasted brown rice" And those scones would go perfectly with it, thank you :))

  5. I love a good cup of tea, especially if it will be served next to a teapot lamp!

    It's supposed to rain this weekend so I'd better get this recipe ready and my teas all lined up for a tea party :)

  6. Oh Martina my dearest! TEA TIME FOR KIDS! ANd that lamp is so darling! Your photos are really lovely. I still do not know how to get that beautiful WHITE mist to the photos. Mine are always all YELLOW and not interesting! Oh dearest, thank you for your lovely comment today; I am staying home tomorrow because I woke up sick and went in, but with a sore throat and laryngitis. I have parent conferences on Thursday but I am ready with the pertinent data to discuss with them, but I need one day to stay home to rest. This tea you offer is just wonderful and my tea time with my blog pal in the cities was just the funnest evening!!!! Oh, I had so much fun, that my blog post came true for me! Now I just need to get to Europe to have tea with you in Germany, the Dutchess in Holland and many others in France and England!

    MILLE BISES, Anita

  7. Aw yes, lots of tea for me. Over my next cup of tea I'll pretend we drink it tother while having a little chit chat, wouldn't that be fun!
    My children do drink tea too but not as often as I do. Last week I happened to hear about scones too, I am going to try your Rezept! Vielen Dank!!
    Es ist nicht so kalt Heute, yippee!
    Have a cozy evening, sweet Martina xxxxx

  8. Lovely! There is nothing more fun or relaxing than tea-time with loved ones! Thanks for sharing your looks delicious!!! :)
    xoxo Gloria

  9. Hi Martina~
    I must try these scones...thanks for sharing :)
    Thanks for stopping by ...

  10. Oh dearest, I LOVE WHITE TEA! It is very good for you. I had some once that had an almost nutty flavor and it was great. Today, guess what I made? I made a mini BUNTING! THANKS TO YOU, I starting thinking about these things...then on my HIGH TEA escapade, we saw some at the little shop FILLED WITH WONDER...I must get you a photo of it. It is darling!!!

    I am loving staying home today, just ENJOYING little things and rearranging my atelier in the basement.

    Bisous my dear, Anita

  11. Oooh, real New England scones! Delish! XX!

  12. Oh my friend...I could so use one of these scones right now...nice and hot..with some raspberry jam!

    Love that teapot lamp...adorable in everyway.

    Hugs. xoxoxo

  13. oh a teapot lamp would be so much fun!! a tea party is just what the doctor ordered to help my knee heal. loving it! thanks for the recipe. :)

  14. oh my word! i love everything about the tea rituals. the dainty china cups, beautiful teapot, scones ( yummy ) and oh ! that lamp is fabulous ! i just found your blog and love it, very lovely !
    havea beautiful day !

  15. You're making me hungry! I guess that's what I get for looking at blogs with recipes...and being pregnant, only ads to the temptation. :)

  16. OH MARTINA! YOu stayed home too today? YES!!!! And you are so right; we NEED to make a day or two that is just for US, to replenish, to smile, to sleep, to relax and REFOCUS on what we really want to do in our lives! I am so glad that you did that for yourself, because NONE OF US can keep on running on empty, like a car! AND I WAS HAVING SO MUCH FUN MAKING MY BUNTING!!! Email me and I will send you back a photo:


  17. Hello again my friend :) I nominated you for a blog award and link you on my blog, where you also find the rules, cheers, Monika.

  18. I love that teapot lamp!!! And scones with tea is perfect. Sounds like a great recipe!

  19. Goedemorgen liebe Martina, Mr. Postman just delivered your mag. Must make a pot full of herbs tea and leave through the pages! I was smiling when opening the envelop, it was wrapped so pretty! Thank you, sweet Martina, ich finde es gans toll um jetzt die schoene Artikel ins Deutsch zu lesen! Hugs for a lovely Thursday, liefs xxxxxxx

  20. There is nothing more charming than tea with friends and children. I adore the china in the images above. Wish you a radiant weekend;-)
    ( Sorry, have been quite busy lately hence lack of comments).


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