Friday Pretties: A new painting

Yellow and black
Something i just worked on. Sorry, the photo came out a little blurry. But you get the idea.
My artist friend Andrea is working over this canvas with a net of tiny silver dots, and i'm curious to see how this will turn out. We will present it at an open-house event soon, and i'll post aboot it as soon as i get to take some pix next week. Meanwhile i hope you'll have a fantastic weekend with enough fun to give no chance to november-blues! To get some more inspiration, visit Joyce to see  more pretties here!!

Foto & painting: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Martina,
    Andrea is so talented!
    i loooove her style!
    thank you and happy weekend!

  2. Lovely painting Martina,I am sure It will turn out great!!
    We had our first snowfall yesterday, just enough to sugarcoated the backyard but it's snowing again this morning and it looks like we may get some more over the weekend. Wishing you a relaxing weekend,xo, Monika

  3. So Pretty and Interesting! i love the shadow on her face. You have so much talent!

    Have a Wonderful & Pretty Friday!!!

  4. wow! this is good! the lady kinda look mysterious to me... as if searching for something/someone

  5. Wow! Beautiful work, Martina. You are such a talented artist! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend!
    xoxo Gloria

  6. Wowwwww.beautiful painting !!! .....Martina !! special !!! beautiful friday pretties !!!.lovely weekend Ria....

  7. Martina, this is fantastic! The hair?! Soo cool.
    I love the aesthetic and color choices.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. i ALWAYS get soooo much inspiration just by visiting wonderful YOU! happy weekend to you too dear.
    you are ultra talented!

  9. MARTINA DEAREST! I just saw you pop in my comments page! HOW SWEET AND WONDERFUL OF YOU to come by to wish me a stress-free day. AND THAT is what I intend to have because parent conferences lasted until 7:45pm Thursday night, leaving us all tired yesterday. BUt the kids are so fun and sweet that THEY are the reason for it all, so it makes the difference. But I am here, enjoying connected with YOU ALL. I was so tired this week that I have been getting up too late in the morning in order to visit blogs or prepare a new post, so here I am at 3:30am my time, trying to beat the clock and try to write. I hope it comes out!!!

    I wish YOU a happy day, and your yellow and black PRETTY is stunning Martina. You are a true and trained artist, and it is a joy to see the skilled strokes produce something so joyful. MERCI MILLE FOIS MA BELLE! Anita

  10. Oh my friend...this is amazing...she really does brighten my day today...You have soooo much talent!

    Thank you for your well wishes conerning my teeth...yes..I am sooo glad I live in todays world...I know I would of gotten all my teeth pulled out long ago if I had to deal with so much pain back me the shivers to think yes I am blessed.

    Hugs my sweet friend. xoxoxo You are always there for me.

  11. A very strong painting, Martina! I'm getting ready for a lovely evening with our closest friends!
    Ein ganz schoene Abend fuer Dich, my friend xxxx

  12. Beautiful painting, Martina! I guess this artist had a style on her painting...impressive!

    Hope you have a beautiful Sunday, my friend!

  13. OMG, I LOVE it! Martina, you are so talented, this is so glamorous! XX!

  14. oh, i love this! the expression on her face adds some mystery.


  15. What a beautiful painting! You did a fantasatic job!!!

  16. Hallo liebe Martina, I really enjoyed reading your magazine. It's a great set up. Informative, and interesting topics. Big compliments!!
    Have a lovely rest of your evening und Guten Nacht fuer spaeter. xxxx

  17. I love this! Ii am posting today some yellows and blacks, photos and paintings from a museum in Spain today then I came to your blog to catch up and here was your beautiful painting!! This color combo is making my heart swoon. I LOVE your painting.


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