Friday Pretties: Deer oh deer!

Deer presents for someone de(e)ar!

Some cute Etsy-finds from todays elongated tea-break (white tea!). OK, they ARE a bit kitschy. But a little bit of kitsch should be allowed now and then, especially round christmas. Have you got your ducks in line friends? Ha ha, mine are running wild in the snow while i try to catch them and make them behave like good ducks. But they are running after that deer, the pink one, which is so sweet! I'm counting on this weekends good fortune to get most of the things done. And will be visiting you to see what you've been up to!

Lovely things & photos from: kitschygalore, the storybook rabbit, zeng, japonicas and in blue

Join the party and look at some more pretties here!


  1. that first photo!!! Yes...I'm ready for Christmas, although I would love another week, just to enjoy it more. :)

    Have fun getting all your ducks in a row this weekend!

  2. I WANT THAT RABBIT!! KITSCH IS GOOD ANYTIME, in fact, my middle name is KITSCH....just kidding.....but I NEED THAT RABBIT!

    Oh Martina, you got SNOW!!!! Hey, it is minus 2 degrees farenheit here and we are supposed to be outside with the kids for a sledding party...I don't think I will make it due to not being prepared today for that kind of cold!

    I will start my two week break at 3:00!!!!! Keep calm dearest, keep will do fine....I felt stressed yesterday, but I am going to do my best tonight to finish BOTH POSTS for the giveaway winner and my NOWHERE post....


  3. These little deers are PERFECT for the season, liebe Martina. I bought a pink plastic deer to put on top of a bottle.
    I am getting more and more ready for Christmas. EnJOY our weekend, lieve vriendin. Wir erhalten sehr sehr viel Schnee Heute, und es wird noch ein wenig schlimmer! Die Kinder sind on cloud nine, heisse Schokolade und marshmallows, Ich bin fertig fur das Wochenende ^_^
    Sehr viel Schnee spass! xxxx

  4. SO sweet! I have always loved deer. Aren't they just adorable! My dear hubby bought me a couple of "Bambi" deer as gifts in the past. I love them.
    I think you and I are thinking alike. I posted a deer (with some dancing ladies) in my first Friday Pretties photo today!!! You know what they say..."Great minds think alike!" :)

    I hope you can get all your ducks lined up in a row this weekend. Time flies so fast..doesn't it!! I hope you can find some enjoyment and rest this weekend too though!

    xoxo Gloria

  5. martina!!!
    i am SO in love a dove dove with deer right now.
    join the rest of the world right?
    this was a WONDERFUL treasury!
    have the best weekend.

  6. Martina first photo is so adorable!!!
    me encanta!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Oh, the pink one is my favorite too! But, they are all very sweet.
    Thanks for joining Friday Pretties! :)

  8. Oh... they are so dear..... so pretty!

  9. Very cute, all of them!! A wonderful collection...
    Have a lovely weekend:)

  10. gosh... so cute. i just saw a friend having some de(a)r shots, hemm.. is it in trend.

    just got back from beijing boz trip, cant wait to go thru some of your entries that i missed.

  11. Nice photos. Loved the cute dear in the first one. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. OH MY GOSH! You know I just died! I am obsessed with deer (I think that is pretty clear), I love anything deer-related, and I actually want to own one as a pet someday. LOL! Loved this! XX!

  13. Precious Martina, my friend,

    Yesterday, I had a panic moment. I was trying to finish my blog post on which I worked so hard...and I fear that I will not get as good of a response on this one due to people being so busy now....I was also busy and found myself so stressed....I saw your dear comment on my previous blog post and I shall investigate that dear and darling rabbit!

    How are you today? I am planning on making sure today is as stress free as possible!

    I love that dear too!


  14. Dear Martina, they are lovely and I am sure that whoever the recipients are, they will love them too!! I bought retro fawn candle today and found a nice spot on my window sill to display it :) Hope you have a wonderful week, cheers, Monika

  15. GOOD MORNING DEAREST ONE! HOW ARE YOU???? The day is approaching, we are almost there and I decided that there is NO WAY I can send EVERYONE I love a I am distressing and hoping that just a sweet little note card will let them know how much I think of them.....and to you dearest friend, I send greetings of much admiration and friendship for you have been so kind to me....relax, take a sip of something lovely, and THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY PLAY!!!! MUCH LOVE, Anita

  16. Love, love, love deer. My granddaughter, my daughter, and I watched the movie "Prancer" yesterday for our holiday movie. I love that movie.


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