Red Meditation

I'm seeing red
Red is a very strong, outgoing colour, normally associated with action, love or aggression. This painting however, shows the meditative side of it, a warm, vibrant, nourishing glow. I read that in Tibet, red is the color that symbolizes our connectedness with the whole. And that reminds me, to look for the quiet place inside, right in the midst of the pre-christmas buzz.

Painting: Martina Voigt Schmid


  1. you actually made this? wow its really great!

  2. Red is not a color I am comfortable using, but I definitely admired people that able to do that, and do that well, you are one artist that make red looks so good and inspired me to maybe get out of my comfort zone! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Your painting is a beautiful artwork, sweet Martina. I love red, even more in the month of December. A strong and warm color.
    I am still thinking about you going to Austria and Munich in such a short getaway. You will be on the road much, do take some good CD's! Last Summer we listened and listened and listened to ABBA.
    Have a guten Abend und viele viele Gruesse und bis bald und Schlaf gut heute Abend, stay warm and cozy, liebe Martina xxxxx

  4. very nicely done! love the warm red tones :)

  5. Martina what a gorgeous picture!!! I just love staring at it & am really enjoying it! I am a sucker for red things :)

  6. I don't know what it is, but something inside me has been attracted to the colour red like never before.....I'm even thinking of adding it to my home decor...which is currently teal and pink...

    but red goes with teal so well.....

    this painting is wonderful...the layered touches feel like you can reach right in through the liquid and grab a little bit of warmth!
    great job...thanks so much for sharing!

    ciao bella

    oh, and thanks for stopping in to see me!

    Creative Carmelina

  7. Stunning! I want to be embraced in red just like your painting :) It's such a beautifully vibrant color full of Life. I can't resist this color, I love it so much!

  8. You really have a way with colors. So vibrant!

  9. Si supieras todo lo que me transmite.....
    Me encanta.

  10. MARTINA!!!! I AM HERE!!!! Oh dearest, I am sick to my stomach. I left work early yesterday and I am staying home today with some kind of stomach flu. HOW LOVELY IS YOUR PAINTING and I never thought of red as a calming, meditative color, BUT with your beautiful golden subject in the center, it somehow mellows out the tones; it is simply gorgeous! NOW, I am starting to freak out because I have some gifts that I want to send out but I HAVE NOT STARTED!! I HAVE TO DO THAT NOW!!!!

    I so want to meet you and hug you dearest; may you have a wonderful and peaceful celebration and enjoy every moment of your family!


  11. dear Martina
    Beautiful and the colour combination is very good too.

  12. have always like strong and vibrant colour. love how you do it, wish i have your skill.

  13. Beautiful! Perfect painting for this Season in all of it's lovely red tones! You are such a talented artist!!

    I was in a restaraunt with Richard on Saturday and noticed this lovely lady wearing a cute black outfit with red fingernail polish. She had the cutest accents of red jewelry to match it all. I am not usually a "red" person, but after viewing how pretty her look was I have decided I am going to try and put that look together for Christmastime! :)

    Have a Merry Christmas my dear friend!

    XOXO Gloria

  14. Oh dearest, thank you for your kind wishes! Rest is the key and I got so much of it yesterday and today, I am up and about in my home....but in QUIET and that is exactly what I need!

    BISES, Anita

  15. Ein sehr gemuetliche Abend auch fuer dich, liebe Martina. Travelling by Zug is wunderbar! Du kannst herrlich aus dem Fenster schauen und Kaffee trinken, der Zug macht alles ^_~
    Have a lovely evening, lieve vriendin xxxx

  16. can I come to paint with you? ;)


  17. martina...i LOVE your ravishing RED piece.
    i am ALWAYS inspired when i visit here.
    hope you are enjoying your week.

  18. This calming post is just what I needed today. I LOVE Red and had never thought of it as calming, but it is.
    Very, Very pretty painting! See you tomorrow at Friday Pretties?

    Love, Joyce

  19. This painting of yours is insanely gorgeous dear Martina. Very feminine and full of passion - in a relaxed way :-) Love it.

    Happy Holidays, much love: Evi

  20. I love what you wrote about the color red I am so drawn to it lately, I know seeing it everywhere has something to do with this...I think this is why I love this month so.
    Beautiful painting!

  21. You painting is beautiful. Wonderful energy. I have been attracted to red lately too!


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