Friday Pretties: A present from Santa

Look what i found ...

i guess it was him.  A little present on my terrasse. Does that mean i have been good?
And another present is the lovely presentation for our magazine KidsLife in Loretas gorgeous blog. She is such a talented photographer, and i am so honored to work with her and show her beautiful work in KidsLife. Making these layouts was pure bliss, and our readers love it!

Have a warm and wonderful weekend, and look at some more pretties here!
Photos: 1st: Martina Voigt-Schmid
2nd & 3rd: Loreta Jasukeliene


  1. I had just left you a comment on your last post, about 20 minutes ago! HOW ARE YOU PRECIOUS???? You have been a GOOD girl, and look at the lovelies here for you!

    Enjoy your day dear friend. Anita

  2. how great the magazine looks!
    i'm sure you've been good!
    love the red and white polka dots!
    -take care martina~

  3. awww, you must have been very good, this magazine is pure bliss !
    happy week end to you anita ^-^

  4. oh yay! It looks amazing! Off to check out your feature!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. You deserve the gift. Have a nice weekend .

  6. That's great! Off to visit the link in a minute, first I want to wish you a
    f a n t a s t i c weekend, liebe liebe Martina. Geniess dein Kaffees und alle Tasse Tee, geniess von alles!! xxxxx

  7. Your magazine looks beautiful!!!

    What a nice surprise to find such a sweet gift on your terrasse! Very nice...:)

    Have a happy weekend,,with sips of warm tea & smiles from people you love!

    xoxo Gloria

  8. here is to the celebration of artful creativity and following your bliss!

    ciao bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  9. What a beautiful magazine...I wish we had it here.
    Stay warm this weekend :-)

  10. You must be so proud, this is a beautiful looking magazine my kids aren't this little anymore but I would still buy it!!

  11. Pretty red polka dots ornament on snow, thanks for sharing, have a great friday!

  12. MARTINA! Oh dearest, thank you for coming to see me! WE ARE HAVING A HUGE WINTER STORM! A writing course that I was going to attend on Saturday morning has been canceled. The weather bureau has said that the storm that has arrived is the worst they have seen on the radar since a HUGE storm here in the 1970s! So...we are staying home! But that is fine with me because I am so behind in blogging! I have to start writing my next post and by Friday night, I already have it done. Whew....I just woke up from the couch.

    SO MUCH TO SHARE ABOUT MY NEW ADDITION. The ventilation is being started, the windows and FRENCH DOORS are finally in, but the thing that is left is the completion of the ventilation, the electricity and inspection. THEN can the insulation and walls be put up and the final breaking into the house for the connection of all the rooms. THIS IS EXCITING!

    Now off to bed to get a proper sleep!

    BISOUS, Anita

  13. That magazine looks wonderful... What a beautiful gift, you definitely were good!!
    Have a lovely weekend:)

  14. Oh yes Martina, as I sit here trying to finish my post (I am having so much trouble since my own photos are SOOO POOR), the snow keeps blowing in and it is becoming quite HIGH and extremely COLD!

    We were going to go outside today to get into the new space, but I don't think that is going to happen until maybe tomorrow!!!



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  16. Oooh, I want Santa to come visit me with that! XX!

  17. So pretty...Have a great week!

  18. MARTINA!!! Oh, I am so glad to be able to finally come to visit with my sweet friend! For the first time EVER, I got to school about 20 minutes before the children do. I am typically there at least 2 hours before them, but the AMOUNT OF SNOW just slowed traffic. The Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts were closed and canceled school today, but MY district didn't, so BUSINESS AS USUAL!

    WHEW....and my sweet friend, thank you for loving my post and the little black bag. You would so love Rosie who so generously sent it to me to give away to whom ever I wish.....I will put your name in the bag to pick the winner!

    Oh, it was cold today; about minus 10 degrees farenheit!

    Stay cozy dearest and rest well. Bises, Anita

  19. Oh how lovely are these images my sweet friend...I am soooo loving red right now!!! Makes my heart sing...what a lovely magazine.

    Hugs for Joy this whole week!

  20. What a lovely presentation dear Martina, congrats to you! I was sure you was a good girl this year :-)

    Have a great day, cheers: Evi


    I am just today getting caught up with all of the very pretties on Friday Pretties!
    Thank you for playing!
    Your post are always beautiful and interesting,


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