Friday Pretties: Cata's Giveaway

These slippers are made for walking ...
along sandy beaches, shady porches or where ever your heart desires! They are made by my talented blogfriend Cata, who makes the sweetest things and is such a great photographer. And she's offering these fab little shoes in her giveaway now. Very easy to participate. Find out more about it here.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a fun filled weekend and find a little time to create! 
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  1. Yoo Hoo!!! Guess who is off of work today and HERE for some fun and BEAUTIFUL GIVE AWAYS!!!!! Oh Martina, THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!! COUNT ME IN!!!! Are you having snow or rain out your way? We are having snow, but I don't care...inside it is sunny with walls ready to paint!! Oh, I cannot contain my joy. I WISH I COULD SEE YOU TO GIVE YOU A BIG HUG!

    Enjoy your day dear one, Anita

  2. INDEED! JOY and more JOY are in my heart and hands today as we prime the walls for WHITE paint. Yes, WHITE. I am doing the trim in French gray and then the color that will be incorporated will come from MOVEABLE objects that I want to change according to the seasons, but my canvas will be just that...A WHITE CREAMY CANVAS!!! Oh Martina, I will be featuring you on my blog this weekend. Keep posted!!!! Anita

  3. ooh,how fun-i'll go check it out...
    happy friday to you :)

  4. Oh lalalala I'll go check it out too!!!
    have a happy happy weekend !

  5. The slippers do look very pretty and soft...
    The color too is very soothing to the eyes!!
    Have a wonderful day Martina:-)

  6. Happy friday pretties darling !! love love Ria.......

  7. Oh yes Martina, white is always a good canvas upon which to CHANGE according to the MOOD! ANd I hope that my post does justice to your beautiful world! I will continue working on my post as the day progresses; we are seeing a lot of progress here!!!! Bises, Anita

  8. Those shoes are is amazing someone actually made them! She is a very talented photographer too! Thanks for sharing...:)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  9. Thanks for the tip on the giveaway my to take a peek...these look adorable.

    Happy weekend my friend. oxox

  10. Those are pretty and I like the way the photos were put together.

  11. Thanks for sharing the giveaway, off to take a look now! : )

  12. I love these slippers!
    I'll go read about the giveaway.
    I'm visiting for Friday Pretties.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  13. These are lovelies, indeed. Ich hoffe deinen Sammstag ist wunderbar bis jetzt. Im off to add you to my blog roll, discovered you're not there yet ^_~
    Alles liebe, liebe Martina xxxxx

  14. GOOD MORNING PRECIOUS! COme on over and get your award!!! Anita

  15. Martina!!!! SURPRISE!!!

    Your blog is fresh and bright, beautiful and inspiring, but YOU are the star. I hope that some of my readers who do not know you will visit and become as enchanted with your work as I are so kind and OH YOU SHOULD SEE THE ROOMS UNFOLD! But I am painting all weekend, but coming up for air during the week, back to school!!!!

    HAVE A LOVELY SUNDAY and grasp every moment for its beauty!!! Love, Anita

  16. Oh Martina! EVERYTHING IS LOOKING SO GOOD, but we have a long way to go. The priming is the boring part, but it is white, and the final painting will be white, so I get to see what it will look like. It is so fun to just dream and work towards the goal. Thank you so much for your support and excitement! I cannot wait to post the final product, but next week will be a sneak peak only because things won't be in their place for another two weeks. My crystal chandelier and beams won't be going in for several months due to budget!!!! But it is going to look great.

    I am so glad I have enthusiastic friends to share the journey with!!!

    BISOUS! Anita


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