Funfair fashion

Life's just a merry-go-round. Come on up. You might get a brass ring.

Some fabulous photos that add fun and color to white winter days! I like these old fashioned carousels with painted horses, gold and glitter! Must be fun to arrange a fashion shoot in these surroundings, or just go there with some girlfriends and take pictures!

Photos: 1-3: Liz Ham, 4: Lindsey Michelle


  1. Hi Martina
    I just popped over from Anita's blog ... Love the carousels... they always make one feel childlike and joyful!!

    Gee love that quote by Marc Chagall... must make a note of that..and the Wayne Dyer also..

    have a lovely week.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. DEAREST!!!! What a FUN way to start a Monday! I am off today due to a National holiday (Martin Luther King Day) and we have one more day today to make a dent into our painting!!!! THE COUNTDOWN IS ON for getting into our new rooms!

    LOVELY POST AS ALWAYS DEAREST ONE! Have a peaceful and calm day, Anita

  3. Hmm, typed a comment but it disappeared.. I said I love love merry-go-rounds and so do my little ones. Took some lovely pictures in the Efteling last month. A lovely post and a great quote, liebe Martina, I will come on up!
    Enjoy your Monday, I'm off for a walk to the groceries, such soft weather today, it feels a bit like Spring, doesn't it?
    Love to you xxxx

  4. I really like that first pink dress.......i hope they got my size !!! wowwwwwww....hahahahhahah!! love love Ria....xxxx

  5. Oh Martina! Do you know that I cannot enter into some of the blogs that I mentioned! For example, Julie at BEING RUBY...if you go to visit her, tell her that I cannot access her blog! Please say a "bonjour" to her for me if you go?

    Have a lovely, lovely day dearest! It is biting cold outside chez nous, but on the inside, it is so cozy! LOVING THE NEW SPACE! We are only days away from actually putting in some furniture!!!!


  6. Martina, I so love fun fairs... As the name suggests they are so much fun!!
    The pics are just superb, loved all the color and the glitter... Have a wonderful week:-)

  7. These images capture the fun mood at a fair, and the playful clothes are beautiful!

    Have a great day!!!

    XOXO Gloria

  8. Hi Martina! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment! Your blog is beautiful, what fun and inspiring photos and you are right, they do brighten up a winters day!
    Thank you!!

  9. Oh what fun!!!! These photos make me want to jump right into them and join along.

    Sending you oodles of fun for this Monday. xoxox

  10. These photos make me want to jump on a carousel today! And I love anything Mae West said. Smart chick!

    Oodles of fun are coming for you today, dahling :)


  11. These pictures are so fun! I love them!!

  12. Fun and interesting, thanks for sharing! : )

  13. merry go round are my favourites. i am sure i have pics of it somewhere. lemme dig. but i love yours more though :D


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