Friday Pretties: Purple rain

Think violet!

The rain that falls here in germany is far from being purple - but it melts away the snow and makes me dream of warmer times, of soft air and returning flowers (dream on babe, at least 2 more months to go ;))
 I love the atmosphere and color combination in these fabulous pix by photographer CorrieBond,. Don't know why, but i'm so attracted to purple and violet shades at the moment.  It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind.

Put some violet in your life to:
  • use your imagination to its fullest
  • re-balance your life
  •  remove obstacles
  • calm overactivity or to energize from depression

    Happy Friday my dears! Come and look at some more pretties here!


    1. THIS IS STUNNING AND PERFECT IN EVERY WAY MY DEAR MARTINA! I am now getting to love purple in new ways! Oh, what Blogging has done to my imagination!!!!! Have a beautiful and stress-free day my sweet!Anita

    2. With all that purple I need to surround myself with some too!!
      The purple pics are very beautiful Martina, especially the first one:-)
      Have a wonderful weekend:-)

    3. Gorgeous!!! I have seen so much purple lately. It looks so fresh and pretty. I can just hear Prince crooning away...Brings back some silly memories. :)
      Have a Pretty, Pretty Friday!

    4. Me again- Thanks so much for being such a pretty part of my Friday Pretties!!!

    5. How lovely...purple is our theme today...I so wish I could magically appear in those images...I would so enjoy a bright sunny purple day today....rain rain rain here too.

      Hugs for a great day anyways....fill it with your own sunshine. xoxoxo

    6. Gorgeous. I totally adore the pics and your post. You rock. Talk soon, huge hugs

    7. Hello Martina....i miss you....but that was i was not your follower....i thought i did !!.....i read all your post again...i miss a lot beautiful things !!! sorry for that !! i miss nothing more......happy friday pretties !! love love Ria...xxxx....xxxx..

    8. Hi Martina,
      Your post here is SOOOOOO very pretty! I have been craving purple over the last few months! It has to be the magazines influencing me...:) I have recently purchased silk purple flowers to add for spots of color around my home.
      Your flower picture you painted is very pretty too!! Beautiful work!
      I have been so busy lately. I have missed reading my favorite blogs (like yours). Trying to slowly catch up here...:)
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend my dear friend!
      XOXO Gloria

    9. Your purple post just brightened my day! Of course, any time I visit your blog my day is a bit brighter and more inspired :)

      Thank you for your sweet comments regarding my flood. So glad that's over with!!

      Happy New Year, dahling!

    10. GOOD EVENING DEAREST! I am finally home, so that I can LIVE and dream.....I saw your dear comment as I checked in during the course of my break at school, but unable to visit. Oh, I love that you took a stroll today, just dreamt of fun things and enjoyed the calm. It is the weekend, and I hope that means calm for you! Oh Martina, OUR ADDITION IS DREAMY! But next week the plaster expert will apply the final coat of plaster then the floor will be installed, THEN WE PAINT!!! We have about 3 weeks until everything is FINISHED right down to the trim. I cannot wait to show you!!!

      SO dream my dear and again, this post is so wonderful. I am sending my dearest friend Violet, who LOVES PURPLE, to come see this must-see post.

      BONNE NUIT! Anita

    11. Now I have never been a big purple fan but these pictures!!! They could win me over!!! I am loving them! Never seen more fabulous purples!!!!

    12. Martina, Anita sent me to your blog to delight in the purpleness of it. B E A U T I F U L!!!!

      I love your blog and shall be back!
      ~ Violet

    13. well whatever purple does
      we can be sure that it looks great here!

    14. i love the colour violet, so vibrant, full of life!
      wishing you a colourful weeekend Martina ♥

    15. I love that purple with the leopard print! I would have never thought that looked good but it looks great in that photo!

    16. ooooooh! these photos are beautiful! i love to wear purple eye shadow. its good to brighten things up sometimes.

      amateur couture

    17. Oh this is really of my favorite editorial! I love Corrie Bond's work! Thanks for this stunning post dear Martina! I Love it!

      Have a great weekend my dear friend, cheers: Evi

    18. MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND! I am barely getting a chance to catch up to my comments because we spent yesterday shopping and cleaning! Oh Martina, your friendship and comments mean the world to me! And Violet my friend absolutely loved your blog!!!! She loves purple, and your photos are the best purple collection I have ever seen. Dearest, our addition is looking so good and I thank you for your interest in my project. But I am so happy to also know that you understand where I am "coming from" with my message. THIS IS THE YEAR to step forward towards dabbling in art. It is not a career change, it is not a hope for becoming PUBLISHED, although, I would like to, but this year I want to create more and actually think like a professional writer so that I develop the boldness to show my work to publishers or an agent. But one thing at a time. I will not quit my day job, that is for sure. But just knowing that I will no longer deny that tendency in me to create.

      HAVE A LOVELY SUNDAY!!!! Anita

    19. ok! new project. next trip, i shall chose this colour and photograph things with this shade, bet it will be interesting.

    20. GOOD EVENING DEAREST MARTINA! Oh my sweet, thank you again for your support and enthusiasm about my art adventures. I am excited to know that I will enter another year of my life getter OLDER, of course, but GROWING YOUNG in spirit with so many ideas that I would love to attack. Learning anything that is difficult or gives joy is good for the brain as well as the soul!Oh Martina, we are ALMOST DONE with the rooms! The floors will be installed on Wednesday and we paint this coming weekend! Then, we slowly move in the furniture!!!! I will slowly "reveal" some of the progress.

      I hope your weather is good; it is cold here but at least there is no new snowfall. WE HAD ENOUGH!

      Sleep well dearest, Anita

    21. BIG fan of purple, these are some of the most lovely I have seen! XX!

    22. My dear Martina, I can be sure to find awesome pics and colors, every time I visit your blog and this time is not different! Thank you for the "purple tips" and have yourself a wonderful week....

    23. Oh my Martina, you got my favorite shades there, these beautiful images just melt my heart! Thanks for sharing your talent!

    24. Not only your blog is filled with romance and inspiration. But I love violet. I saw and read and loved this blog as soon as you posted it and I'm still trying to find the right words. No kidding. It inspires me much, you inspire me much. Sending out much much love, talk soon :) YOU ROCK BIG TIME


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