Friday Pretties: You are loved!

And how sweet is it, 
to wrap the nicest of feelings in a cute, creative idea,
like a Popcorn-box, filled with little items and an invitation for a movie night at home, or a collection of post-it notes that can be left in unexpected locations to bring a smile to your honeys face - not just on Valentines day.

Valentines, this year, will be on a monday. And i think, mondays, no matter what time of year, deserve a little extra attention and fun to get the week to a great start. I've forgotten about my "monday love posts" and will continue with them in the week to come. Have a super nice, warm and loving weekend and treat yourself and your loved one to something nice. The best time for a relaxed Valentines breakfast is propably this sunday. See you soon!

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  1. Wow, great idea. Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.

  2. Ma chère Martina! Oh what a darling and perfect way to give a message of love and appreciation! You have taught me to love bright colors. YES, YOU. All through blogland, through the many lovely months and now two years, I have seen so many blogs that venture out with bright colors. Your art however, has a sense of joy to it that I truly never attached to the combination of colors. THANK YOU for that joy. Saskia in the Nederlands and Koralee in Canada also have changed my view on how to use color. I am a minimalist at heart when it comes to decorating my home with color, but I have recently carved out a corner of my home for these light pastels. Have a happy day dearest, and I hope my little message reaches you by next week....grosses bises, Anita

  3. Love the pink all around... And the pop corn any looks very cute!!
    Innovative idea, have a wonderful weekend:-)

  4. Love is Good! Such a cute and happy post. I love all of the Pretties over here.
    Happy Happy Valentines Day!!!

  5. Oh my friend...may your Valentine's weekend be filled with such joy and love.

    Don't you just love all the and love floating around blogland? Makes me sooooo happy.

    Hugs. xoxoxo

  6. Great idea :) I would love to prepare something similar, take the time, and focus on a surprise like this must really be something. I'm impressed!

  7. I love love this idea, liebe Martina. Das Wochenende ist wieder da, Hoera!!
    Wir geht's dir? Ist die Fruehling Edition fast fertig? Es wird bestimmt wieder toll aussehen mit viel Inspiration!!
    Love and Hugs to y o u xoxoxoxo

  8. Just flew over some how from BBN... you know Koralee. Happy to be a new follower. Charmingly aDOReaBLe find this Friday Morning.

  9. What a lovely fun post !!! happy weekend Ria....❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.....

  10. Cute, sweet, can I be at the party please????? pretty please????

  11. What an adorable way to show your loved ones you care. Very creative idea! :)

    I hope your weekend is full of fun & joy! Have a pretty Friday!!

    XOXO Gloria

  12. Pretty and heart warming too! Anyone would be so lucky to get a sweet gift like this. Notes we should remember to leave around every Monday Valentines Day or not!

    Love it!

  13. SO lovely!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, sweetie :) xoxo

  14. I love the idea of turning a night in, which really is my favourite thing to do...and make it such a sweet and special thing!

    Happy weekend!

    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina

  15. I love the sweet notes! I think I will make some for my special Valentines :) Have yourself a wonderful weekend Martina, xoxo.....

  16. Ciao Martina! sai che anche io ho postato l'idea dolcissima del popcorn DIY? Bello essere in sintonia!
    Buon San Valentino!

  17. What sweet ideas! So pretty! Have a wonderful day!

  18. Such a sweet sweet idea. I am working on a little box of surprises too:)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend MArtina! Always good to visit here!

  19. Love this idea + love to hear your "monday love posts" are coming back. All the best, sweet friend of mine + talk soon

  20. I love your "Monday Love Posts" dear Martina and I agree Mondays needs some extra fun :-) This post is beyond lovely with the lots of pretty pink details! Thanks!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Cheers: Evi

  21. Yes, V day is Monday, but tomorrow is national holiday here in Indonesia. That makes it all perfect! Happy Valentine's day. Have a lovely one :) Thanks for the lovely images...

  22. I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful. I love your "Popcorn" hearts :-)


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