A lemon, a painting and some kidsfashion

Another peek ...
into the new fashion shoot for KidsLife, with children of lovely people i know, who did their job so well . We even had a lot of fun together, ignoring the weather with a painted blue sky.

In the last picture, you see the whole painting. The photo is taken with my i-phone, so the quality is not great. But it gives you an idea of the size. Many people think, small rooms  call for small paintings on the walls - not always true. Sometimes, a big painting gives space to a small room, like adding a window. Blue skies here in real life as well today, YAY! I can't wait for spring to start, how about you?

Photos: Robin Benito, painting: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. GOOD MORNING MY PRECIOUS FRIEND! Your posts arrive late here in the U.S.....I saw your new title on my list YESTERDAY, but the post itself just barely showed up NOW. LOVELY, and I believe in large paintings in a small space. It makes it bigger!!! HOW ARE YOU? IT IS SO COLD THIS WEEK! Oh dear, I think I am now just wanting spring! This weekend, whether I have good pictures or not, I will be posting on our progress here at the house. LOVE TO SEE YOU! Anita

  2. So adorable my sweet friend....these children look like they are having so much fun. xoxoxo

  3. Cute kids = cute photos :) Love the painting too, you are so talented Martina!
    As for the spring, I can't wait either. We had nice sunshiny day today and I hope that tomorrow will be the same. Have a great day, cheers, Monika

  4. Those girls look so cute and so happy to be part of the fun!!!

    Hope you are having a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  5. OH cute cute!!! bet they have lots of fun!

  6. Those smiles! Quite infectious :)

    And love the idea of a painting as a window!!!


  7. PRECIOUS MARTINA!!! Oh, it is always so nice to see you! Oh, talk about COLD...Martina, it has been about 25 BELOW zero farenheit and this week at school, I have busy duty OUTDOORS after school where I have to direct traffic where the parents pick up their kids! I am wearing TWO coats, a scarf to cover my face and gloves and a hood and the chill STILL goes through! The children have not had an outdoor recess in days and they are wild. I need a vacation!!! BUT our rooms are finally coming together. I am going to post this weekend on what we have so far, but by no means is it done! THANK YOU PRECIOUS for taking interest! It is really looking so good, but will be MARVELOUS by early spring.


  8. LOVE how you used one of your paintings as a backdrop for the childrens photo! Martina, you are so DELIGHTFUL, so glad to have 'met' you.
    Have a beautiful day,

    ~ Violet

  9. Cute pics of those kids!!! Also...I agree that sometimes small rooms need BIG ART!! and as for my love of color......I see we agree wholeheartedly.



  10. What beautiful photos! These kids are so adorable!

  11. Oh how I love that first picture dearest! TOday was a much warmer day: 10 degrees ABOVE zero!!!! I am taking tomorrow off. I am working on my house and THERE YOU HAVE IT! ME TIME!! THank you for coming on over...it is ALWAYS so good to see you precious one!!! Anita

  12. Adorable pictures! The lemon is such a cute thing to add in a picture like that!

  13. Adorable kids and photos!
    I love how your gorgeous painting adds the perfect touch to that pretty room!!!
    I think you are right about the size too!

    XOXO Gloria


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