Friday Pretties: Jazz up your day ... wearing some funky jewellery! 
The bright yellow bauble in these pictures belongs to a wristlet of mine, that looks like it is made of chocolates wrappend in tin-foil. All the kids love it, when they see it, and for me it's a reminder to never forget that a little sweetness can change your mood any time. A chocolate truffle, a raspberry icecream, a lovely compliment, a bunch of flowers, a little walk in the sunshine, a hug, a song, a smile, a small present ... hmmm, maybe buy something for your friend today, because -
The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.  
Mark Twain

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid

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  1. Oh, now THAT is a lovely, lovely message my dearest! AND THAT BAUBLE IS SO DELICIOUS LOOKING! The first thing I thought of was a chocolate candy! My oh my, it is almost Friday and HALLELUJAH! I need the break already! I cannot wait to go on summer break, to see more of the beauty of blogland and of the people who really care to share such beauty!

    Be well today dear heart and thank you for this lovely reminder to SHARE THE LOVE!


  2. yes, great message-and one i will be doing today :)

  3. Loved the jewelery, so very full of bright colours here! And the locket of Mother Mary gives it such a calming effect! The quote is just as beautiful!

    Have a great day, Martina :-)

  4. Ohh I have a bracelet that looks like that. Its so cheery!

  5. so colorful, pity that tomorrow I can't use my casual Friday freely as I have some appointments:)

  6. Lovely pictures.The colors make it look like brush paintings.!

  7. You just did it, cheering me up, liebe liebe Martina. The colors burst into my kitchen right through my screen.
    My jewelry has more soft and powder colored shades though. But that does Jazz up my day too! Love love your Jazz up!!
    Have a lovely evening, enjoy the last sunbeams of today xxxxxx

  8. delightful images!
    The quote is so very true, great reminder for all of us!


  9. Baubles that look like chocolate? Now that's my kind of jewelry!!

    It's raining here again so to visit you today with such a colorful and cheerful post made the sun shine in my heart and my studio :) Today is a friend's birthday and she's been dealing with a chronic illness. I'm going to cheer her up with some of her favorite design magazines!

    I'm so glad you like my new do, Martina! I'm still a bit numb about Paris. I'm leaving May 18 for a week and meeting other women at a rented apartment. No man included. Unless of course, a savvy Frenchman sweeps me away and I'll have to call my hubby to tell him I'll be late getting home :)

    Have a bright and cheerful weekend, dahling!!!!!!!!

  10. When I saw the jewellery, just felt like putting my hands on it. You know my latest interest:)

  11. It's all so gorgeous! Love the color and the shine. Totally brightens up my day :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  12. my necklace today is pink, with blue and green and white and...*lookingdown* silver, and another sdhade of green....and so on...:D!
    Lovely pictures!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Beautiful jewelry!! My dear hubby and I go out for coffee at our local "Borders" book store & cafe and they sell the little wrapped truffles that have that same sort of gold wrapper. I once saved one of the wrappers to put in a scrapbook because I thought it was so pretty!
    I do think we bring cheer to ourselves when we think of brightening up another one's day!! :)

    Thanks for the warm cheer today!

    xoxo Gloria

  14. What a fun bracelet! I love your words here too. A very great reminder! I agree that sweetness can change a mood too!

  15. That is so beautiful, I love these colours..I think it's true the colours can change your mood!! And it does remind me too of chocolate wrappers :) I hope your week has been great!! xxxx

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  17. The yellow bead just jumps out of the pictures, oh so pretty. The other bracelets are looking equally lovely, great pieces! Have a wonderful, sunny weekend Martina, xo M

  18. Thank you or visit too :)
    I always dreamed to see NY, time will show.
    I follow you too ;)

  19. What a lot of colourful fun here today...and that quote is soooo true..isn't it?

    Hugs for a great weekend.xxxoo

  20. What a bright cheery adorable bracelet!
    Wonderful quote!
    I shall take the advice! :]
    Have a lovely day!

  21. MARTINA!!! COME COME to the beaches of the world with us my sweet! Put on your tutu and you will look so lovely in a crown, just for you! Don't you wish we could have a big party? I mean, a REAL PARTY to see each other, hear each other's laughter? Ahhhhh, my dream. THANK YOU PRECIOUS ONE for this visit today. You are so close to my heart. BISOUS, Anita

    OH! WE MADE A WALK TODAY FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! It is finally spring around here; there are rabbits hiding in our bushes and birds singing in the bare but budding trees!!!!

  22. I love your colorful posts Martina:) That Marian charm is beautiful!
    And can you belive I am still here with no baby?! ha ha! I was convinced him/her was coming early! Hopefully by the due date Tuesday!
    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

  23. I am not much of a jewelry girl but these beautiful colors just scream out to me, WOW!!!! maybe I'll change my mind and go get myself some pretty things like this to wear! : )


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