Monday Love: Great times in NYC

A trip downtown
Some pictures from  a trip to NY some time ago, visiting my friend,  gorgeous actress Sophie Sutton and her sweet daughter Olivia. Some pix for my magazine, some just for fun. New York is a place for action, so it felt really good to be all involved and busy, visiting all kinds of interesting places for little - and big - girls! Oh, how i'd love to be there now!

In real life i'm busy, finishing another issue of KidsLife-magazine, sorting out a lot of pictures from a new session with kids fashion i'm going to show you soon. Today was too short again - ha ha, that's a never ending problem of mine! How was your start to the new week?

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Schoen guten Abend, liebe Martina, nah das sieht ganz gut aus. Du bist eine very lovely lady! I like the shots a lot, they are very glamoury.
    I will be in NY next week, woo hoo. Have never been there. We did not plan our trip day to day, we will see where to and how to when we get there.
    I have been packing up a bit, left some for tomorrow, just couldn't get myself onto it.
    Alles liebe immer xxxxxx

  2. Great photos..and it's lovely to see you ;) I love New York too..its my favourite place in America, I remember school trips there (as I am from America, but live in the UK now) it's always so full of colour and interesting people! I wish to go too :) I look forward to seeing your new issue soon. The start of my week was good, the sun was out & flowers all around!! I hope your week will continue great!! xx

  3. I could just feel the NY energy in these fab photos! Loved seeing you in action :)

    My start for this week began with a phone call from a dear friend in San Francisco and a sale of some plaster bowls. It's all good, oui!?!?!


  4. Wowwwww New York........Great to have friend their.......enjoy a happy week love

  5. Love the photos! I am so glad that you had a great time with a friend. :)

  6. Hi Martina,

    Looks like fun. Your friend is gorgeous! Have a lovely week!


    p.s. So far my week is going well, although I think little Maximus might be experiencing some colic. Poor thing...

  7. how fun that must have been-great photos too!

  8. HERE I AM!!! Oh dearest, I woke up late today and could not visit new posts, although I did visit your previous post from school. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SNOW TOMORROW! But we WILL HAVE WARMTH SOON! Dearest, it is so exciting to see you IN ACTION with your dear friend in NYC!!! What a place, huh? It never, ever sleeps. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! I want to meet you one day...oh if I could just go to Germany and The Netherlands......BE WELL MY PRECIOUS FRIEND! Anita

  9. Funny, I've also been wishing for a trip to NYC.
    There is something about those sights and sounds, isn't there? I love your photos.

  10. Hello Martina,
    I was also traveling and was busy with work. Missed my dear friends.
    I feel so good to come here and read your posts. I liked the 3rd pic. very much Thanks.

  11. Great pics Martina, you look so beautiful in the photo! NY is on my wish list for a long time.... one day for sure :))

  12. You guys all look so glamorous, I love these photos!

  13. Martina! HOW LOVELY to see you pop in before I leave to work! YES, SNOW COMING! But I have to remember that this is typical in April. Not until May are we safe to even think about putting out flowers!

    Oh one day Martina, one day, maybe we shall meet! In the mean time, THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS OVER THE INTERNET! Stay well my pretty!


  14. WOW! This is so beautiful, i would love to visit New york someday (never been outside India), looks so different and fun place to be!
    Hope you can finish up the magazine work soon!

    Have a great week ahead, Martina:)

  15. beautiful pics of new york, martina. such a fun place to visit.
    i hope your week is off to a good start.


  16. I was just there last month--great city!!

  17. Oooh next time you're here I hope I get the chance to meet you :) xoxo

  18. Oh don't you just love love that city!!! What fun..I must go back soon too.

    Sounds like you are so busy...make sure you take some time for yourself my sweet friend. oxxoxo

  19. This is my first time visiting with you. I love everything about your blog. I’m so looking forward to coming back soon.

  20. Lovely photographs Martina!...
    Best wishes for a lovely Easter,
    susan x

  21. NYC is quite an amazing place.
    You can tell in these pictures how much fun it was for you all.

    It is neat to know you had a similar birth experience. Such an incredible time in my life and I thank you for your sweet congrats!

  22. You are beautiful, just like your actress friend, Sophie, (LOVE HER NAME...just like my grandbaby's name..:)) It looks like you had such a wonderful time!

    Have a happy Easter!


  23. I wish I could go to New York right now! Visit the museums, walk around 5th Ave, eat some good pizza!

  24. Martina!!! Yes, we got our snow, but not much, and by now, our ground is too warm for the snow to stay!!! We just had a BEAUTIFUL SPRING rain shower with the sun out! It is even starting to look GREEN! My colleague came in this morning however, with a winter cap and a parka!!!! WE SHALL TRIUMPH !!!!

    Oh dearest, how did your dentist appt. go?


  25. I love time in NYC...something so magical about it!

  26. I havne't been there since I was probably 12! It was sooooo magical! I too wish I were there again! Maybe someday Annie & I will get to do a trip together there! Now THAT would be so fun! Looks like you girls had a ton of fun too! I just love outings with the girls! Great pics!!! Can't wait to see the pics you have coming for the mag too!!!

  27. looks like a wonderful place to be Martina!
    especially love that pic of you in the mirror.
    wishing you the very best day today, enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful blooms.
    hugs to you ♥


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