Friday Pretties: Beauty saves the day

Happy weekend lovelies!
Don't you think that beauty can save the day?
I've seen this photo some time ago on decor8 and it's beauty stayed with me. It is made by the talented giardino, who lives in one of my favorite landscapes in the world - in Ticino, the italian part of switzerland. Maybe i can show more of her work here soon.

 I have been quite busy the past few days, and have many fabulous things lined up for you in the next week. A kids-fashion shoot, a paper-flower tutorial and some very yummy sweet things to eat!  Meanwhile i hope you'll have a wonderful weekend - will come round later and have a little chat!

Photo: Giardino 


  1. This flower looks so pretty and fragile!

  2. Such a beautiful flower, delicate and sweet! I hope you have a great weekend & I look forward to all you wish to share next week xx

  3. GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL! Yes, BEAUTY in a flower, in the kind words of a friend FAR AWAY SAVES THE DAY FOR ME!!!!! Off to work I go, it is a BLUSTERY DAY OUTSIDE TODAY!!!! Happy thoughts to you precious, Anita

  4. can't wait to see all the things you have lined up...
    this flower is so pretty!
    have a super weekend~

  5. Now that is one absolutely gorgeous shot, liebe Martina! Everything is right in this picture.
    Scheint die Sonne auch bei dir? Ich bin im Garten und ich liebe es!
    Much love for the weekend, have fun fun fun in the sun sun sun xxxx

  6. Refreshing indeed! And all those fabulous things you have lined up, I am sure you are going to have a great time ahead:-) As for myself, I take the sweetness of this flower along with me to keep me happy through the weekend.. Have a wonderful weekend, Martina:-)

  7. Whay a beautifil flower!! that color is so great !!...have a nice love

  8. wonderful photo..looking forward to more good things from you..have a great weekend!

  9. Yes, I do think that beauty can save the day! A beautiful pink flower, a genuine smile, a loving hug, a few kind words, dear blogging friends, these are things that make life sweeter!

    I love this pretty photo! The softness of the flower petals up against the texture of that wonderful book, and dried plant are heavenly to me! Thanks for sharing. I hope your weekend is full of lovely views just like this photo!!


  10. gorgeous flower, martina. a dahlia, maybe? i'm anxious for slightly nicer weather, so flowers can start getting down to 'business', blooming...

    have a lovely weekend.

  11. Such a pretty photograph the colours!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  12. MARTINA!!!! HAPPY BDAY to your husband!!! He wouldn't want to join us on the beach wearing a tutu, would he? teeeeheeeee....and living with ALL MEN...I could see a banana peel or socks under the furniture!!!! Oh dearest, SNOW IS IN OUR FORECAST! Can you believe that? Really, by the time the rest of the world is in summer, we will barely be in spring! But my spirits are happy just having fabulous friends. ENJOY YOURSELF THIS WEEKEND! Anita

  13. Such a stunning image..thank you for sharing...hugs for a great weekend.

  14. Luscious!! Anything with pink, books, flowers, paper, well, it melts me :)

    Thanks for digging my new plaster pretties! I had way too much fun making them!!

    Hope you had a divine weekend, dahling!

  15. Ah yes, beauty can save the day! And I needed some beauty in my day today, so thank you for this!

  16. such a glorious bloom. love the colours and textures.

  17. That picture is breathtaking! I cant wait to see what you have in store for next week ;) And thanks for dropping by my latest post, it means a lot to me to hear other's thoughts on the matter of art, I love Van Gogh too and hope to see a real painting of his in my lifetime :)

  18. MARTINA!!! OH What a crazy morning I had; I woke up to late to blog and so I missed you! I am here at school and I am trying to catch up....HAVE A FAB DAY! Thank you for your wishes and visit. Don't you wish we could all be at the beach for a HUGE PARTY???? Do you know we have SNOW in our forecast for tomorrow?




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