Friday Pretties: A colorful mess

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.
Marc Chagall

A wee peek into my room which is also my studio at the moment, filled with colors, canvases, books, magazines, papers of all kinds  – i just need a lot of insprational stuff around that i use all the time.

The two paintings on the wall are not really finished, but i like them this way, leaving things open a bit, leaving space to dream. Yesterday i was painting a bit on some small canvases, mainly flowers, which is always good to get me going. WiIll show you more about this soon!

I'm so ready for a break! If i don't have time to paint for a long time, i feel like all the colors in my head and heart get muddled up to a cloudy melange, and i need time to sort this out. We'll have a long weekend here, with monday being a holiday - how about you?

Photo and paintings: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Oh Martina dearest, I LOVE YOUR STUDIO AS IS...I love what you said about leaving these unfinished paintings "as is to leave room to dream." NOW THAT IS ART, WOMAN!!!! And Chagall's quote is perfect. That happens to me too. If I think to hard, NOTHING COMES because I am trying to please others. But if it comes from my heart, I am at least able to get my ideas down, then I can revise for my audience. HOW BRILLIANT!!! Have a perfect weekend my dearest! Anita

  2. I love to see your work.
    Monday we would be working. No holiday here.

  3. i like having lots of inspirational goodies around in my work space too :)
    nice paintings-even if they're unfinished!

  4. I agree with Chagall's quote - There is only one way to paint, from the heart rather than the head. There's much inspiration in life.xx

  5. Clean up the mess darling before you leave for the weekend....hahahahha!!...what a beautiful colorful room.....i love it...enjoy your

  6. Wow... Your room is buzzing with colors and your work is fabulous Martina...
    Enjoy the extended weekend :)

  7. Si Martina, tu habitación está estallando de color pero resulta bella, alegre, tiene encanto.
    Mi fin de semana por desgracia no va a ser mas largo, disfruta del tuyo.

  8. That makes the two of us, ready for a break. It is Donnerstag afternoon again, where oh where did time go? Have a happy relaxing weekend ahead liebe Martina. Make sure you catch some spare time, feet up while enjoying a gooooood coffee o xx oxx o

  9. Your studio is beautiful and the paintings are just gorgeous Martina! I love painting when I feel it on the inside, although I have just started getting back into things and my time is limited but that's ok. I love the way I feel when I am painting.
    Enjoy your long weekend!

  10. Love your work and love that little peek into your room, thanks for sharing, have a fun-filled weekend my friend!

  11. I LOVE your studio with all its color and "chaos"! It wouldn't be much of a creative space without it :) Totally understand the muddled heart and head when not able to create. Funny how that works for us artsy folk!

    So nice to hear from you and so happy to be back =-) Can't wait to see what you paint next...


  12. Oh how nice and bright!!! Their hair is really cool.
    Speaking of cool haha!!! That Marilyn was the bomb, right? :) I had never heard about that but am SO willing to try it!

  13. Hey Martina! So fun to peek into your life! It sure IS colorful! Tose girls are really cool pieces! Just perfect! I think ofy ou often as I have your little heart card framed right next to my coffee maker. They make me smile often :)

    Hope you had a great week!!! Now go relax! :)

  14. Your studio here is beautiful! I love your throw pillows. All the color here is wonderful! This space must be so inspiring to work in.

  15. the paintings bring so much life to the room. or any room for that matter. lovely.

  16. I love your blog and I love your studio prettiness! Thank you Martina for all your encouragement and continued inspiration.

  17. Thank you for the sweet peek!!! Pure joy and inspiration...hugs

  18. Your studio looks great and so do the paintings.
    Lieve Martina Fijne Pinksterdagen.
    Have a lovely weekend !

  19. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

  20. Dear Dear MARTINA! YES! IT IS FINALLY HERE...LES VACANCES! However, on Monday I do have to go in to do some data entry into the computer and the rest of the week I do have a seminar to attend (NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT) but all in all, I am going to start my vacation! THANK YOU always for your visits and sweet friendship; YOU HAVE YOURSELF A WONDERFUL WEEKEND! Anita

  21. I love your space there lovely friend....just as I imagined....bright, lively and colourful!
    I am having a nice relaxing weekend here...recharging the batteries,
    Hope you have a good one too,
    Susan x

  22. What a great studio. I'd love to be a fly on the wall and watch you create! Not to mention, dig through all of your cool stuff!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  23. Yay! I was actually able to comment this time! I went to the help on blogger and found out that I should uncheck the box that says "stay signed in" when I sign into google. It worked!!! I'm happy. :)

  24. definitely colourful Martina, not a mess, absolutely inspiring!
    you do look like you have the coolest stuff ♥

  25. Hi Martina,

    Your studio is fabulous, love the paintings and the bright colours.
    Have a fabulous long weekend


  26. That is very colorful 'mess', I like it. No Mess to me! A place to feel home!!!
    Einen guten Sonntag Abend liebe liebe Freundin xxxxx

  27. Hi Martina
    We have a holiday Monday here also.. celebrating the Queen's Birthday... are ties to jolly ol' england have not quite been severed.. hehehe

    I love your studio.. but adore your paintings.. you talented girl.. I know just what you mean by leaving things unfinished.. I always did that when I was younger.. something about the prospect of what might evolve... leaves scope for the imagination yes?

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  28. Wow ..super gorgeous Martina!! You are fabulous!

  29. I did a clean-up yesterday in my studio - lol-
    been painting alot this season - must be the warm weather and the wildflowers. I adore the first image;-)


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