Pots and flowers

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary."
Pablo Picasso

Well, if one paints daily ... which is something i would like to do.  I strive to get a rythm in my creative work and make a fixed date for it and keep it, but so far, i'm not really good at it because job offers so many demands and distractions. This is a small canvas i was working on in a gentle kind of mood, a little study of something nice and simple. 
Love for a happy weekend!
Painting and photo: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Aww..it's precious! I do love the colours of the watering cans..so pretty! And perfect for this time of year!! I hope you will get to paint more often, but I know every day life can drag one away to other things..you have a beautiful talent & I do enjoy seeing your work very much!! I hope you have a fantastic and happy weekend!! xx

  2. Ah, painting daily; I see you excel at that. The colours of the watering cans; so painterly and sublime. You capture life so beautifully. Have a fabulous weekend;-)

  3. Another gorgeous piece, my friend. You are so incredibly talented. I'd love to see life through your eyes :)

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  4. I LOVE this painting. The colours and shapes are lovely! Your blog is beautiful. I've signed up to follow you.


  5. This is wonderful my dear! I loev the colors of the containers! I just painted two small canvases last night, I got on a roll and couldn't stop. I would have stayed up all night! Happy wknd! xo

  6. Dearest, I LOVE IT. Sometimes I FORGET, and we all do this, that SIMPLE and direct is often times what WE NEED. The human heart knows this and ANAIS NIN I believe knew this well. Isn't she fabulous? I just discovered her.....Oh, I feel like I am young again, making so many discoveries!!!!

    LOVELY WORLD YOU HAVE HERE DEAREST ONE! Big hugs to you Martina, Anita

  7. Feeling a bit blue today but when I visit you I immediately brighten up! And love the Picasso quote. So very true :)

    Love back at you for a supergroovycool weekend, dahling!!


  8. Martina,

    I don't know where you find the time to do all of the creative things that you do! I bet you can paint something in no time though...Just beautiful!

    Have a relaxing weekend!

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  10. what colorful interiors! Perfect for this rain!

  11. Hi Martina! It's you biggest fan here ;) Those colors are perfect! I am such a blues, pinks, & whites girl! Love it! & the shape of those pitchers...perfect! Your skills never cease to amaze me!!!

    Thanks for your sweetness about Annie's party too! You are always so encouraging!

  12. fabulous painting, martina!! your color palette is lovely, and you've captured the mood beautifully! i don't always get to work in my journal every day either, but we can always try, right?!! xoxox

  13. Wonderful colors to brighten up my sunday evening! Everything about your post is so refreshing, the quote, the words and need I even say anything about those pretty lil cans.. You are incredibly talented, Martina! Love to you too :-)

  14. Lovely colors and subject.... you have captured the beauty!

    ~ Violet

  15. Dear Martina,

    I love your wonderful painting, such beautiful colours. The quote from Picasso is such a great one.
    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend


  16. I really like the use of a repeated image that you've used.


  17. How funny, I was just at the Picaso art museum in San Francisco 2 days ago and this is the quote that I love the best, it was written on the wall of the museum!

  18. I ADORE your beautiful painting! One of my favorite ones I have seen of yours...:) Lovely job! It is hard to squeeze painting (or art) in everyday when life is so busy. Even though I wish there were enough hours in the day to do that!!

    Happy day to you!!


  19. This is such a lovely painting! I would love to paint every day too. I try, but it can be hard to feel creative all the time too!

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  21. I LOVE this!!!!
    So pretty...I think all of us would like a copy!

  22. Just beautiful Martina! I hope that you are able to paint more than not, I agree with Anita, we need to do some things for us and take time for the pleasures that we love.


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