Friday Pretties: A colorful summer

The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.
Marcus Aurelius 

Too hot, too cold - it seems, this summer likes to play in extremes. While some of you are almost melting away and want to sit and sleep in the freezer, others can't get out of their raincoats and wellies - like me! The lady in this painting shows, how to still celebrate life and balance hardship with equanimity and pride.  Am looking forward to a colorful weekend, no matter what the weather - did you hear that, rain? Nothing against you, personally, but - time to take a break! Have you planned anything nice yet?

Painting: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. simply gorgeous!!! I love it..Hope you have a great Friday and weekend to come!! xxx

  2. Beautiful painting! I love it and all those pretty colors. I don't have much planned yet for the weekend. Probably work on art. I hope you have a great day!

  3. Hi Martina,

    I love the pretty painting, wonderful colours and the quote is neat.
    Hope that you have a wonderful weekend


  4. This painting speaks perfectly to your post! Sounds like we are having the same kind of weather as you. It rains for a few days and then the sun decides to come out...we haven't had much of a REAL summer here.

    Here's hoping that things get sunny for both of us this weekend!


  5. A gorgeous gorgeous Martina painting! Lovely. Rainy days are made so that we can stay inside and do (or look at!) things like this. :)

  6. Love.......from

  7. We are suffering in the sweaty heat! Send help!
    Meanwhile...I feel like this girl because today I colored my hair (of which I have 4 times the amount of a normal person...)and got it the wrong color!!! I'm nearly black haired now :/
    Not that your pretty painting is bad like I've described myself...she is pretty :)

  8. We have been having rainy days too sweet friend...but we are right in a middle of a move so I am enjoying the coolness. Love your painting know how I adore colour. xoxoxox HUgs.

  9. I love-love the colors in this painting, they look so well together, Martina. It's definitely screaming summer-And I miss summer so much...It's so cold and rainy down here that I don't even feel like leaving the house :(

    Hope you have a lovely weekend,



  10. Its rainy and dull out here too! Beautiful lovely painting with the meaning that it conveys with all those wonderful colors! And the quote so very well complements the entire picture, loved it!

    Have a colorful weekend :)

  11. here is strormy all the time and today even a bit cold! I miss sun!

  12. Good morning sweet friend! Yes, this weather pattern this summer has been so strange for ALL OF US ON THE GLOBE! We had this infernal HEAT DOME that hovered over us for a week, and is now over the EASTERN third of our nation. It was unbelievably hot but one of those days, we had A HUGE RAIN FALL with hail and it was unbearable. YES...YOU GO OUT THERE, RAIN or shine and wear that beautiful raincoat of yours....SMILE ON, WALK ON, SPLASH ON and ENJOY!!!! Have a lovely weekend sweet friend! Anita

  13. Just a gorgeous painting Martina, so full of color and soul. It is raining here as well, but we need it, it has been hot here. I am looking forward to fall already. :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  14. Thanks for sharing this beautiful painting and a delightful read, I wish you sunshine all weekend long....... have a fun-filled one!

  15. Love those colours Martina...It's wellies all the way here my friend but I am keeping my fingers crossed for some sunshine over the weekend,
    Hope you have a great one too!
    Susan x

  16. Dieses Bild ist so toll :) hat mich total inspiriert.

    Liebe Grüße
    Julie Gaston

  17. Dear dear friend!

    Oh it is ALWAYS a refreshing moment to see your beautiful face peak in to my world!!! Oh dearest, YOU TOO HAVE RAIN? I just got in from having been outside for a BEAUTIFUL WALK but this morning, that was NOT the case! We had a strong storm tear through here that caused our neighbor's patio umbrella to FLY INTO OUR WINDOW! damage to the window or the umbrella! Just a dent in the frame of our window! I have not had to water our garden much this summer since all the rain we have had! AND...this movie of which you speak...I must see it! AND I STILL have not seen Midnight in Paris. Have you seen that yet? Are you enjoying your day my dear? Is stress still part of your work days or is summer better for you?

    SUMMER IS FABULOUS! Enjoy all the fruits and flavors and SIGHTS of colourful joy my friend! Good night dearest, Anita

  18. Dear Martina,

    Thank you for visiting Rattus and Tea Rat. You are always welcome to join our antics.

    What a delight your blog is. I always feel lifted when I visit. And anyone who quotes people like Marcus Aurelius and Paracelsus in their posts is is A-OK.

    Have a lovely day.


  19. Wow Martina....this is magnificent! I feel we are such kindreds.. I too love faces..and flowers and colorful expression.....this painting is like a poetic-explosion of beauty and harmony and ever-evolving journey..and also a sense of peace and empowered strength..I LOVE it!

    It feels like the perfect visual-meditation for me..I turn 40 in a few days amd am so excited to walk through that gateway....and your beautiful painting of this woman's essence and spirit is calling out to me very loudly... and holds much meaning and harmony to me! Thankyou for your powerful gift! I have so enjoyed gazing at this marvelous painting!!She is just radiant with wisdom and powerful energy!!

  20. Beautiful work of art, and beautiful attitude when ,,,it looks like rain,,,ta! ta!! :)

    You are a talented artist. You always inspire me to want to create!!



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