Friday Art: Love the moment!

Colored leaves come flying down
like rain - our garden is filled with a soft yellow carpet that hides the green. Meanwhile i play with my new camera and with my new wellies and with soft november clouds hanging low in the mornings - such fun to sit on them and fly of to work!

Today is 11-11-2011. I'm planning to meditate with friends at 11.11 pm CET  to envision peace on earth. Thousands of people are meditating today, so, if you feel like joying in, be welcome! I think this time is very auspicious - much tension but also much hope. It's a full moon as well, and the witches say, full moons are the best times to make a wish come true ...

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Great !!! ...enjoy a happy special from me....xxxxxxxxxxx.......count them !!...

  2. lovely inspirations for weekend!

  3. Beautiful photos!

    Yes, the meditation is a wonderful idea...

    A lovely weekend to you,
    - Irina

  4. Hello Martina, truly special day today. 11.11.11 and Remembrance day in Canada.
    I LOVE, love your Wellies! I am trying to decide which ones to buy myself but I have to admit, I am not that "adventures" and probably stick to the solid color at the end :) Have a wonderful weekend, xo

  5. Was für eine schöne Idee, ich werde daran denken!
    Fröhliche Fotos, super Gummistiefel!
    Liebe Grüße,


    You know that I love everything that you do...I have been SO SICK MARTINA...

    But here I am, with YOU to meditate, LOOK UP, pray, believe and rejoice that we are all connected and hoping for peace. Precious friend, thank you for your well wishes....I literally saw your comment come in as I pushed the PUBLISH button for my new, FLY my friend....Anita

  7. Gorgeous photos, Martina! I love your wellies! And love that you're going to meditate at 11:11 this evening :)

    Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead! xoxo

  8. Thank you, dear Martina, for stopping by today!
    I actually discovered your blog through the beautiful Anita, and I am so glad.
    You are very talented, as well as very kind!

    Peace and blessings,
    - Irina

  9. Beautiful photos!! Inspiring Friday views...:)

    Joining in with a prayer...that the hearts and minds of people will change, to love and to think of the good of others above self, to desire peace in our world we live in.

    Blessings for a lovely weekend!


  10. Will surely join you in meditation. And your garden looks pretty, you are doing a good job of that new camera!!
    Have a nice day Martina:)

  11. Dear Martina,

    I love the photos you took with your new camera and very cute wellies.
    We always remember Armistice Day every year in NZ on the 11/ 11 and have a moment of silence where everything stops. Do hope for peace on earth, everywhere.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  12. Oh most darling friend,

    THANK YOU FOR FLYING over the great pond that unfortunately but realistically separates us....but if we fly over the roof tops of our dreams via PLANNING and MAKING IT ALL HAPPEN, we can be even more connected. I am learning a lot above being an Etsy seller. I have much to learn and do as I venture out more and more and farther UP over the roof tops...go out and rake those leaves and ENJOY THE MUSTY SCENT OF AUTUMN in must be so lovely.....Anita

  13. Now I want to get into my garden!!! Love your sweet boots...xoxoxoxo

  14. Such lovely thoughts with stunning pictures!

  15. Hi I came through Arti.Enjoyed your post.Nice pictures.You are welcome to my blog.

  16. Pretty shots and those wellies look extremely cool!

  17. Love this post Martina....your infectious love of life always shines through!....
    Hope you have the best of weeks,
    Susan x
    P.S Love the wellies...I need some!

  18. Those boots are too cute :D

  19. Martina, I almost didn't see you in your camouflage boots...too C U T E!!!
    We are almost done raking. We use the extra large leaf bags and I am at bag #56...yes, you heard me right...all from one, 100 year old HUGE tree...and I am STILL NOT DONE. This lovely old tree gives us such wonderful shade in the summer, that I just keep raking...and complaining.
    Love you...Rosie


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