Monday Love: Paper-flower

The power of a paper flower ...

As Christmas is over and spring is not in sight yet, why not cheer the house up with some self-made paper flowers? They are easy to make - have a look here. And look how pretty the color of the paper shines when the light comes through! Monday hugs dear friends! Keep warm and cheerful - inner sunshine is so much needed this time of year!

Photo: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Monday kisses to you;-)
    This is just a painterly picture.
    I'm off to make paper flowers for my dresssing table!

  2. Yay Martina..this is a sparkle of bliss to my simple and beautiful..powerful and radiant! Thanks for this magical image! Lovely!!

  3. Happy Monday - so wonderful, I need these in my home..beautiful..Happy Monday! xx

  4. Oh how we need burst of color this time of year. After putting all the Christmas decor away, the house feel so dull!!!

    What fabulous paper flowers!!!
    ~ Violet

  5. It is great .....but......i really like real flowers the most !!....i am a flower girl you know

  6. SO pretty and cheerful and I love the little vase. I hope it brings you warm smiles during the cold winter my friend. :)

  7. love this Martina...thanks for sharing.

  8. how pretty!!never too many flowers :)

  9. Martina,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed my post - link to Andy Andrews' presentation.
    Like you I am encouraged and awed by the Butterfly Effect. And you are in the middle of it, Martina, working with children and parents, teaching creative arts and inspiration, and the values of character. I truly believe that the fluttering of those butterfly wings matter more than all the conquests of Charlemagne.
    Your friend

  10. What a great idea! I still haven't taken down my Christmas tree because I'm afraid the space will be lacking and sad. This would brighten it right up :) xoxo


    You must have posted this after I left for work this morning. Don't you just love PAPER? I have been making some fun things with paper and it is so easy to work with! Are you feeling better dearest? I am finally feeling back to myself after over a month of coughing, sneezing and sniffles! We also still do not have any snow and it seems like spring!! Which feels good. The Butterfly Effect surely is an impressive video, isn't it my friend? Whatever we may believe varies with our cultures, religious background and upbringing. But one this seems to unite us all, and that is that KINDNESS and LOVE make us all feel better, can change the course of our lives, and really is what matters the most.


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  13. Pretty pretty, I definitely need to check that link out, thanks!

  14. Hello Marina,

    This sounds like a fun project. Love how cheery the red is with the contrasting polk-a-dot green vase. And yes...we need some of this, this time of year. I always feel a bit let down after the holidays. There's such anticipation and build up and then it's over. But, I'm still hoping that we get some snow before springtime.

    I hope you have a lovely day, sweet friend!


  15. So beautiful dear Martina!
    I have always wanted to try this..
    Thank you for bringing us so much joy, beauty, and kindness!
    A lovely day to you, dear friend,
    - Irina

  16. That simple red paper flower is so beautiful and striking in that sweet polka dot vase. Creative homemade touches like this always brighten my day.


  17. Dearest Martina, What a fun and lovely project! Love it :) And I hope you're enjoying the beginning of this New Year. Great inspiration!

    HUGS <3

  18. I love these paper flowers! What a great way to add some color during these wintery days!


  19. We love your blog is wonderful and we are always here giving all the news.
    Super Glorinha kisses.

  20. What a perfect way to cheer up my day my friend...thank you....hugs and smiles to you. xoxox

  21. Oh that is delightful! Love how it looks in the vase Martina!

  22. Very pretty paper flower.
    I used to make paper flowers when I was younger they're so fun to make :D

  23. Hi Martina,

    Such a pretty bright flower, to brighten up our day.
    Thanks for sharing this fun project.

    Hope you are having a lovely week

  24. I love this happy and cheerful on a Winter's day....thankfully our days are slowly becoming brighter and longer...Spring will soon be here my friend!...
    Susan x

  25. Love tissue flowers! I saw the cutest flower wreath for valentines day in the martha stewart mag and I want to try it! You did a fab job dear! xx

  26. I say, that's a powerful power! What GREAT idea, liebe Martina. I have a similar red one that I did not send on vacation with the other Christmas decoration. I am sooo off to find a cheery vase to put it in. Thank you for this awesome idea! It;s simple and sweet, love it.
    Will think of you each time I look at my flower power :))

    Have a lovely Donnerstag, keep warm and cozy xxxx


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