Friday art: Sunshine and snow

Sunshine and snow, 
spring dancing with winter, waltzing over the fields and having some fun together, icy but lovely. Beautiful light in the room is so good for painting - and for anything else. Isn't it stunning, how our mood changes with the light? At least mine does ;)

We don't have snow here today, but lovely, almost springlike sunshine. I've put the christmas-deco away, exept fo some fairy lights, and will buy some fresh flowers tomorrow. How did your new year start so far? For me, it was a mix of being quite busy and feeling quite tired - i look forward to a relaxed weekend and wish you a bright and cheerful time ahead!

Flowers in snow photos:, Painting photo: MVS


  1. Hello Martina, New Year started well. Hope everything falls in place through out the year.

  2. Have a nice weekend from spring !!..hahahahhah!!...

  3. Hello and Happy New Year dear Martina!
    Wishing you much love and creativity!
    What lovely paintings...I really like how the snow is in those fluffy circles. Beautiful.
    It has been very spring-like here, which is so unusual. We are normally in a foot or so of snow around here! But I am loving it, and it's making me pine for Spring! I'm not one to rush time, though..trying to enjoy the moment!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend,
    - Irina

  4. it's warm(er) here too~and the sun is shining-it makes me happy :)

  5. Happy New Year dear!!
    I just love these pieces!! That front piece is gorgeous!! xx

  6. Your post are always very beautiful, liebe Martina. Wie geht's dir? Ich hoffe 2012 ist off to a great start. Wishing you tons of inspiration and many many lovely KidsLife 's in the New Year.
    Much love xoxoxoxo

  7. Oh so pretty! All of it!
    It is very springlike here as well. No jacket needed today!

  8. First of all, I love the pictures of the flowers and the paintings you've shared. The colors are some of my favorites. We had snow for about 3 days and it has melted--it's actually 50 degrees here in Wisconsin--very strange for January for sure! The year has started a bit slowly for me to be honest--having a hard time getting in the groove after being off work for a week. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.


  9. Lovely! Such beautiful sights here, absolutely loved the third picture. New year has been all good till now, looks promising with some travels too :-)
    Have a wonderful day Martina :-)

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  11. Very pretty! Gorgeous paintings and photos!! Perfect matches!! :)

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend. We have had a busy week also, which is making us wish for a slow weekend. We have two of the grandchildren to care for, so I am sure they will keep us busy! :)


  12. Beautiful painting, I love the sweet colors, they are my most favorite color scheme, and the photos you shared are amazing too!


    I am SO LATE. SCHOOL is back in SESSION along with the stress and crazy schedule! But here I am to enjoy the peace and whimsy of your lovely art that SHOULD BE ON CARDS!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR CHOICE of colors here, you are the queen of violet and other bright and beautiful colors! KEEP CREATING MY lift us up so!!!

    Have a relaxing weekend my dear. We too had a high of 50 degrees farenheit this week! UNHEARD OF in the history of weather recording here in Minnesota!


  14. Ooooooohhh! Love the colors and textures in those paintings! LOVELY!

    ~ Violet

  15. Oh my that last image is stunning and the colours in your pretty...they do remind me of spring colours... lavender and yellow! Hugs to you ...hope your weekend is amazing. xoxox


    My precious friend, thank you for your visit. I was out all day yesterday attending a funeral and then coming home to PROCESS it all.

    I wish you a HAPPY and HEALTHY week without COLDS AND EXHAUSTION!!!! It is still very early here, and so now, I must work on my blog post! I am two days BEHIND!!!!!!

    BIG HUGS TO YOU, Anita

  17. Hello sweet friend. Thank you for visiting this morning. I am exhausted emotionally from having said goodbye to a colleague whose LIFE CELEBRATION yesterday gently meshed with what Ruben shared on his blog post. Life is precious and I think we all know that, but having seen former students yesterday, hearing their parents whisper to us teachers that we were their favorite teachers and then to hear how my colleague touched all his students just was too overwhelming for me. I cannot think straight. I can only muse on the reality of THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT that I hope you were able to view on Ruben's blog. Fairy dust? Fairy wings? Perhaps. Because what we do and say does travel and blow through the winds of life. May your bright light reach heights unimaginable dearest friend. Anita

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