Friday art: Spring rain

Let the sunshine in!

Dear April, although i've got a very nice new umbrella, i'd love to pack it away until autumn and wear my equally new pink ballerinas. Rain is lovely sometimes, but look, we've been waiting so long now, can you PLEASE let the sun shine a little bit? Cheers to a sunny and lovely weekend friends, i so want to have tea with you outside!

Photos: Eitan Vitkon (photographed by me at "art Karlsruhe")


  1. I LOVE LOVE these pics as well as the ones in your last two posts!!
    Well, it hasn't been raining here which is odd for this month.
    Happy weekend Martina! Stay dry and happy :)

  2. Cool pictures and yes what's wrong with the weather. Here is cold, windy and raining. Have a nice evening.


  3. I would love to put away my umbrella too, enough rain!! Bring on sunshine :))) I hope you have a marvelous weekend dear xox

  4. Hope you get some sunshine soon! We've hardly had any rain but some is rolling on in soon.

    Hope you're having a great week, Martina! xoxo

  5. Dear Martina,

    I would love to have tea with you outdoors too.
    Do hope that you can pack the brolly away and have glorious sunshine for the weekend

    Happy weekend

  6. I hope spring will come from

  7. My beautiful and COLORFUL FRIEND,

    Even in these pictures, with the different color umbrellas, YOU SHINE IN YOUR LOVE for color. And you, like very few, always REMIND ME OF SPRING, even in the dead of winter.

    THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME; I always feel happy when you do.


  8. Yipeee, right after Anita!!
    Martina, dear, these photos are so terrific, but I am with you. We have been having chilly days and rain...and we are so ready for sunshine too! It will come soon!
    Keep smiling, and the sun will smile with you :)
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...
    - Irina

  9. Love the captures, especially the first one.. it is so bright and cheerful! We have loads of sun shining here in India and it is very very hot right now!

    Wish you a bright and sunny weekend and, when are you inviting me over for tea? :)

  10. HI Martina
    Wow.. I just love love love these photos!! fantastic.. especially the last!!

    Thanks for popping in my way.. i've been such a slack blogger these last few months.. hope you are well and I can see you are looking forward to spring.. winter is on the way here..

    Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  11. These are AMAZING photographs, Martina! WOW!!! And, yes, I hear you about the rain. It was a downpour here at times today, but this weekend, we are supposed to have sun and temps in the 70's!

    The other day I drove past a church that had a sign that read something like this...Whoever is praying for rain, please stop.


    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  12. It is supposed to be sunny byt stormy this weekend:)

    życie & podróże

  13. Your photos are interesting and amazing. I was looking very intently trying to figure out if that was YOU in the reflection of the glass?? :)

    Your last post was very beautiful too. Those colors and pretty model would brighten anyone's day!! thanks for sharing!

    Wishes for a joy-filled weekend!

  14. Love your photographs Martina,,,the colours are lovely!...Lots of rain here too this week but it looks as though we are about to have a little glimpse of the sun so I am off to make the most of it!
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  15. very beautiful collection! Fantastic mood!
    Happy weekend Martina!

  16. we have rain too~ hoping tomorrow's a sunny day :)
    happy weekend!

  17. Good morning my gorgeous and hard-working friend!

    I so hope that you have had some time to HEAR THE SILENCE and make a moment for yourself to be inspired. I tell you, THE FOUR WINDS, coming from all directions, are sometimes too loud for me. But all will be well, and one thing I have to remember are all the kind souls around me, like you. What a pleasure it is to have you in my life.

    It is GOING TO RAIN TODAY! We need it.....have a beautiful Saturday! Anita

  18. I so agree...a little bit of sun would be wonderful...good for the soul! Happy week to you...and I adore your images today. xox

  19. I keep thinking, April showers bring May flowers, these days. Keep dry and warm, liebe Martina. Love to you xoxoxo

  20. Lovely capture of rain! We too had it on the weekend:)

  21. Thanks for following me. Following back.

  22. Ahh, little miss sunshine. It feels like autumn in spring;-)

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