View some of my paintings!

This one is called "Giselle" and is a cooperative work with my artist friend Andea König - it got sold already. Just added my portfolio to the sidebar here for those of you who wanted to see more of my work - you're welcome! 

How's your week going so far lovelies? So much rain here still and i'm tired. Just had coffee and lovely lemon cupcakes i baked yesterday - wish i could invite you over to share a bite. More about this here soon.


  1. What a beaitifulm painting darling...i like your work.....have a nice week...i wish we could drink coffee together with a delicious cupcake of from

  2. Lovely painting, me like *smile*. Have a nice evening and a good nights sleep.


  3. I adore your paintings, they always make me smile!! You are a wonderful artist, really beautiful! Here has been on and off rain, tired of it now. I hope all of us get more sunshine in our days :)) Have a super week xox

  4. So beautiful! Stunning work Martina!!
    Shine on...and such a gorgeous photo!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous painting, very expressive! Loved your portfolio, so neatly done, going through it was a real treat -- brilliant works of a highly creative and an exceptionally talented artist -- all at one place! Wow! :)

  6. amazing painting!
    here the rain seems to be over and warm days are supposed to come this weekend:)
    wish you a lot of sun!

    życie & podróże


    I love this piece of yours. I tell you, it may be raining for you, but your blog is always a lovely spring day for me. Your art work is simply divine and has the most professional quality. Do you sell it?

    HAVE A GREAT DAY in spite of the rain! Anita

  8. So beautiful. I would be kind of sad to sell it if I were you. :)

    Thanks for sharing your portfolio as well! I hope you have a lovely day!

  9. How gorgeous, Martina! So excited to view your portfolio. Thanks so much for sharin with us.

    Have a great week and I hope the sun shines real soon! :) xoxo

  10. Oh my goodness. "Giselle" is striking...stunning ..moody & beautiful all in one!
    Thanks for sharing...your work is wonderful...I think this may be my favorite yet!

  11. Hi Martina,

    You are so talented and can see why Giselle has sold already.
    How exciting to be able to take a look at your portfolio.
    Would so love to have a coffee and a lemon cupcake with you.
    Wish I could send over some of our sunshine and we could do with your rain.

    Happy week

  12. So beautiful...your talent is amazing. I am in love with that red chair as well...hugs to you dear one. xoxo

  13. Good morning my dearest one!

    Thank you for coming to visit me and YOU DO SELL YOUR ART?

    Well, to me, your art is worthy of being in a gallery, that is for sure. We had the most beautiful spring day yesterday! I hope the rain has left your area long enough for you to really ENJOY the outdoors and the flowers that I am sure are blooming for you!


  14. Dear Martina, you know I love you work, thank you for sharing! Hope you weather will improve soon, we are in the same boat as you and I am taking every opportunity, to be outside in the garden, when the sun occasionally peaks out.I wish I could have one of your cupcakes,xo M

  15. Hi Martina,

    I love your beautiful painting! It is displayed so well with the room decor. The lovely bust on the table below your painting echoes the theme wonderfully. Thanks for sharing all of your amazing artwork with us. It truly is inspiring!

    I hope you are having a happy week!! @}~`}~~

  16. Your bold and beautiful paintings are so great to see!!! Thanks for sharing your art. I have a new piece finished this past weekend that I will showcase soon too. It feels so good to get into the paints again after being so busy!!!

    Enjoy today Martina!
    ~ Violet

  17. She is gorgeous!!!!! I am actualy in a hurry but when I saw "view some of my paintings" on my sidebar I couldn't help but stop & look!!! What a lucky buyer!!! She has such a personality!!! (Okay I will stop using exclamation points :) And I cant wait until later & I'll grab a cup of coffee & enjoy your portfolio when I have a little more time. Sending some sunshine your way! (I snuck in a nap yesterday was a miracle the boys all napped at the same time :)

  18. Just fabulous!! Thanks for sharing more of your lovely work with us!! xx


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