Monday Love: French meringues

Playing with food

Do you need some extra sweet fun stuff to get your week going? Here's a hint: Playing with food can be fun sometimes, not just for the little ones! Don't you get all exited when you see these gorgeous meringues by fantastic food blogger Emilie from griottes? She's a genius when it comes to turning desserts into works of art and phantasy. I actually find them too pretty to eat - pure eye candy and food for the soul!

Photos: from griottes via decor8


  1. HOLY COW!!!!!! Is this food? FOOD COLORING? Because I love all of these pastels! THANK YOU for this inspiration this morning dearest Martina!

    THANK YOU!!! And have a splendid day! Anita

  2. wow vielen dank das du mir folgst das ist eine ehre für mich DU hast ein wunderschönen Blog ich ich folge dir super gerne!!!

    LG Anna

  3. Oh my these are adorable...I want to try to make some ...I have only made pink and white...I will try other colours. Thanks my friend. oxox

  4. Fabulous! I love the colors too! xx

  5. So beautiful, Martina! And I agree, they're actually too good looking to eat :) xoxo

  6. Dear Martina, these are so beautiful! I have bookmarked her stunning blog...Danke!

    You are so kind to visit me, sweet friend.
    Thank you for such lovely sentiments, I am so very happy to "know" you, Martina. You always bring so much joy, and make the day brighter....:)
    And you are a fan of Advanced Style too? Wonderful...
    Big hugs,
    - Irina

  7. GOOD MORNING beautiful Martina!!!

    Oh dearest, I am so thrilled that I only have a WEEK LEFT OF SCHOOL!!!!!!! The adventure itself of leaving and entering into what I hope is a more creative lifestyle is making me so excited. THANK YOU for supporting me with your kind friendship!!!!!

    Oh how I am loving these pastels here. I have got to incorporate these colors into my life!!! HAVE A GRAND DAY! Anita

  8. Love those, they are so sweet!! Gave me a smile, it's raining here today. It's ok as the heat was so much it was making me tired, I just hope this rain won't last long!! Have a super day doll and I hope you get to see Scotland one day, I think you will enjoy it :)) xxx

  9. Such pretty and inspirting photos!! They look so yummy!


  10. *inspiring* I meant to type...:)


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