Colorful summer

Color is ... pure emotion!

There is something about the combination of pink, yellow and turquoise that makes my heart sing. Its a long weekend here in germany, the sun is shining, a nice wind is blowing - and i'm so in the mood for colors! These fabulous interiors styled with lots of pretties from the new rice denmark collection really gets me going. 

And - to tell you the truth, i'd love to get all crazy and cover our walls in pink, yellow, turquoise and violet! Since i'm living with 3 men (and one tomcat), i'll rstrict myself to canvases though, and maybe one or the orther burst of color in the garden ;)

Have a sparkling may weekend lovelies, lots of sunny vibes from me!

Photos: rice


  1. Aren't those colors just make people happy? Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. I love vibrant colours, so wonderful :)) My kitchen is bright turquoise and I love it, makes me smile :)) I understand about the boys, we are three girls against one boy, but my husband puts his foot down to too much colour, he prefers light colours. But, we compromise :) Have a sun filled fun weekend doll!! xox

  3. Martina this post just filled me with so much joy! It's amazing what color can do to a person. Thank you for that.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  4. What a nice pudel on the pillow, lovely pictures. Have a nice weekend.


  5. AMAZING colors...I always say that we nead more color in Sweden..the lan of black and white:) My fav color is PINK I LOVE IT:) It makes mehappy everytime I see it.

    have a great weekend

    LOVE M

  6. Yes i like these colors..just put turqoise pillows on our sofa.....happy colorful

  7. This is so daring !
    I love it .
    Have a wonderful colorful weekend Martina.

  8. loving these bright cheery summery colors!
    have a super weekend :)

  9. Dear Martina,

    Those colors get me going too! Very beautiful combinations. They make for a cheery home and mood of heart...:)

    Have a beautiful weekend, sweet friend!


  10. Pretty and Neat colours...Loved it
    Enjoy your long weekend with your family Martina.

  11. A lovely colourful post Martina...(I do love those fabrics!)
    Hope you have a happy, sunny weekend...I'm going to sew in the garden with my coffee,
    Susan x


    Oh my heart, I am so late but school has taken the wind out of my sails!!! It is so refreshing to see your kind comments on my post and to finally come to visit my dear friends. THESE COLORS are making my heart sing too! I am also very moved by color. I have the FONDEST memories from last summer making the discovery of my love for aqua/turquoise and using this color in my studio. Every morning during summer vacation as the morning sun would rise and shine into my studio is when I would be doing my blog visiting. So these summer colors remind me so much of YOU and other blogging friends! And the countdown is ON: I only have until JUNE 8 to go and then I am completely DONE with my teaching job. I cannot wait to create and write more. This weekend is also a long one for us as we celebrate MEMORIAL DAY here in the states. And you have a long weekend too? ENJOY IT ALL! And you live in a MAN'S WORLD, even a male cat! YIKES! Lots of energy there!!!

    Sending you sunshine and many hugs dearest friend! Anita

  13. Hi Martina,

    I love all the wonderful bright and happy colors.

    Wishing you a wonderful happy weekend

  14. although I prefer white walls this composition is so fresh and vivid that makes me smile!

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  15. So many wonderful colors to brighten up the day! Love them and here's wishing your day be filled with loads of sunshine as well, Martina!

  16. Wow how colorful is that? Gorgeous.


    The rain is GONE, theh sun is shining into my studio and the feeling of summer vacation is starting!

    I am excited to muse all day long and continue with my new creations. Oh how fun it is to be an artist!!! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  18. This blog is a good way to inspire others, keep it that way.

  19. A lovely splash of colors, Martina:)

  20. Ooo my color happy heart is going crazy!
    Thank you for your wonderful feedback on my real chat post! I think that we both love to share inspiration, and that is why I love visiting your blog!
    x, Anna

  21. Ohhhh...beautiful colors! I absolutely love them and I wish you a colorful week ahead too, Martina :)

    HUGS <3

  22. Sooooo pretty! I love colour too...I must check out this link...I think I will be doing a happy dance. I so want a stack of those bowls. Happy week to you my friend.

  23. These are all gorgeous, dear Martina! Color makes me happy, indeed...
    I hope your weekend was splendid, sweet friend!
    Love and light,
    - Irina


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