Blog feature: Al Dente Gourmet

Delicious food makes every day better! 
And since the weekend is coming along with another chance to enjoy leisurely meals and celebrate summer, i want to show you some delicious things by my blogfriend Aldy, from New Zealand. She has such a talent to prepare fresh, homemade meals that let you experience the original flavour of things, yet surprises with little tricks and extras that make her dishes special. She says: „Cooking and eating are not only a matter of survival to me but for my well-being.The labor of love that fills my heart with joy and my chosen main ingredient to connect with family and friends.“

Her cooking combines local flavours with specialities from Argentinia, where she comes from, and i show you Pears with Mint Leaves and Lemon Syrup and  Dulce de Leche – a  yummy Milk Candy Spread that is so typical for South America. Aldy even says : We eat Dulce de Leche like there is no tomorrow!“ So, we should defenitl give it a try lovelies! So, let's hop over to her blog and look at the recipes!


Photos: Aldy from Al Dente Gourmet


  1. I will later take a look at her i must take a shower......and put clothes on for today......our last day of sad.....hihihi...lovely

  2. Oh man, these look wonderful!! I could do with some wonderful home made things just now. I made a carrot cake for my husband and now it is all gone, because it was so yummy, haha!! So, I need to make something again :)) I hope you have a super weekend my darling girl!! xox


    I so love Aldy's blog and photos. I grew up eating Dulce de Leche. My father would bring it back from Mexico and I could practically eat the whole jar!!!!

    Summer cooking is one of my favorites to prepare. The air is cool here, the sun is shining and the clouds have been chased away for a while. I hope your part of the world is shining on YOU my sweet and beautiful Martina!

    LOVE! Anita

  4. I haven't been to her blog before but I must go!
    These pics look scrumptious!
    I love caramel. And pears.

  5. You have such interesting photography here. It has that flavor of what Anita has too. Where do you guys find such intriguing photos? do share!

  6. Hi Martina,

    I'm honored! Thank you very much for doing such a beautiful job about my blog, I really do appreciate this! And for having taken the time to put this article and pictures together, I'm flattered to read your lovely and sincere thoughts.Happy Weekend to You!!!

    HUGS <3

  7. Hi Everybody,

    Thank you for such lovely feedback! Much appreciated :) Feel free to drop by my blog and say Hi! Happy weekend!

  8. Oh my....I must check out her amazing blog...such beautiful photos and amazing food. xoxox Happy weekend to you.

  9. It's always so inspiring to look at pretty photos of food. I am cooking a lot more these days, since Maximus pretty much eats what we eat. Well, ALMOST everything. That Dulce de Leche looks divine!!!


    I have been having SO MUCH FUN, drawing and making more paper art. Our weather is SO GREAT but I hear that you are getting so much rain my dear!!!

    YOU WILL GET YOUR SUMMER, I HOPE!!! And are you feeling well? INSPIRED? I just need to keep on going and trying to create more art. It is hard. I am trying too hard and by doing that, nothing is happening!!!

    KEEP WELL MY DEAR and it is always so good to see you! Anita

  11. That look almost to good to eat *smile*. Have a nice evening.


  12. Gorgeous photos! Looks so delish all of it! xx

  13. ooh -those look great!i love pears especially :) off to check the site...

  14. I am hooked! Thank you so much for the introduction Martina!
    What beautiful photography and delicious ideas:)

  15. I often get emotionally involved. Like when I read your post, I can cry, laugh, sad, funny, depending on your written words. I think you are a sensitive person.


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