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A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
Colin Powell

And then sometimes the magic slips in .... and makes a piece of work really special. Some gorgeous pix from other artists that caught my eye these day:
Exquisite paper shoes and bluebird, handmade by my dear blogfriend Anita Rivera, who just quit her job as a teacher to be a full time artist - so exiting!  Romantic necklace with pearls and flowers, so perfect to style up a simple white summer dress by Rustic Gem and a lovely vintage style painting on an old book page by Coco de Paris.

Happy midweek to you flowers, see you soon!


  1. OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you know the feeling to unexpectedly open up a page on a blog then SEE YOURSELF????

    THIS iS SUCH AN HONOR MY DEAR FRIEND!!!!!!!! Did you see my latest? I just entered another item:

    A blue Marie Antoinette style dress in paper.

    Oh how WONDERFUL OF YOU TO DO THIS!!! The exposure itself is the beginning of helping our hard work be seen. The magic comes after all the sweat, that is for sure!

    Sending you much love and thanks, Anita

  2. How lovely! I really love those paper shoes.

    Hope you're having a wonderful week, Martina! xoxo


    You are really so kind to do this and thank you for coming back. Oh we are expected to get a HEAT WAVE starting tomorrow! You now have humid weather? That is something I cannot bear!!!!!


  4. Hi Martina,

    Such a sweet post and love all the gorgeous things here and yes, Anita is so lovely and talented with all the gorgeous things she creates. The quote is so true.

    enjoy your week

  5. Beautiful creations and artwork, indeed! Congrats to Anita and Thank you for sharing such gorgeous inspiration! Hope you're having a good week :)

    Hugs <3

  6. Martina - nice items to share and that is sweet of you to do so. Thank you for your comments of saying either turquoise or yellow would be great. You are a great blogger (generous, thoughtful and creative) Great combo!!!! :D

  7. Beautiful finds...and of course we all love and adore Anita's work. That is so kind of you to promote these people. I hope you're having a lovely week!

  8. All the best to Anita, her pieces are amazing, I especially love the birds. Great finds Martina, I love Etsy! Have a wonderful day, Monika.

  9. Those are stunning, I adore them all. Fantastic finds :)) Hope you are having a great week doll xox

  10. Oh, what pretty crafted finds! Very inspiring!! Sorry I missed your link party. I have been on the road, with no Internet. Thanks for always stopping by with your kind words and encouragement. Your blogging friendship is joy to my soul!

    Have a lovely day!

  11. Oh how pretty...I love Anita's work...she really does amaze me. Hugs to you my friend.

  12. Some really cute handmade stuff from your artistic friend, thanks for sharing!

  13. I just adore the pretty blue bird in the nest! Very sweet.

    Country Style Chic

  14. Good morning beautiful!

    How are you holding up in this heat? We got our first day of the five-day forecast of unbearable heat.....we had the air conditioner on last night and instead of our usual tea, I made ICED TEA and I could not stop drinking it! It is hard to sleep upstairs in my loft bedroom, so three times in the night I changed locations of where to sleep!!! The price you pay for summer!

    Oh dearest, you are still so busy. But at least the season offers so much in DIVERSIONS and I do hope you will get some FUN TIME to paint. Now that I am off of school, each day has been dedicated to do something creative and it is healing for the soul.

    MAY YOU HAVE A PERFECT DAY TODAY!!!!!!! MERCI again for this sweet post....I am having SO MUCH FUN creating! Anita


    Oh dearest, we too are having very hot weather. It was 90 degrees Farenheit yesterday and it will continue on that way until next week. It is not good to be out too long in this weather, and YOU HAVE TO WORK SO HARD.....drinking ICED TEA is great! I made a WONDERFUL chocolate hazelnut tea with milk yesterday and iced it. It was PERFECT!!!!!!

    I want you to take a breather today...something, somehow! I wish you a relaxing and magical DAY!!! Anita


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