May in Paris

Just imagine ...
May in Paris, with all of YOU living there as well, 
for a week or so, all of us, free to enjoy live in the city of lights,
 love, art, fashion and joie de vivre. I would rent
 erin fetherston’s apartment  - and invite you in 
for tea and rainbow colored macaroons and later 
champagne, cheese & paté. 
Isn't that pink daybed a dream? 

I would, paint, write, dream ... drive my vintage byciclette to 
do my groceries at farmers markets and delicious little shops, 
polish up my french again, and meet you in sidewalk cafés, 
on lively squares and  in little restaurants ... 
yes, i can see why Paris is always a good idea! 

Let's start the week à la parisienne,  
whatever that means to you ..
.i'llbe delighted to hear more about it soon!

And look at more gorgeous  Paris inspiration 
over at my friend Anitas place - 
she's american, but whenever i think of Paris,
 i think of her as well!

P.S: As i'm currently away, i will come and visit you all as soon as i get back - beginning of nexr week!

Pictures and inspiration: sfgirlbybay


  1. Very pretty and inspiring!! I hope your trip has been relaxing and fun! :)


  2. Lovely pictures and what a nice trip.


  3. Pictures are gorgeous! I've always wanted to go to Paris. Hope your trip is awesome :)

  4. Elegantly and tastefully decorated apartment !

  5. this would be a beatiful, magical week!a week to remember!

    Blog about life and travelling
    Blog about cooking

  6. MARTINA!!!! THIS IS A LUSCIOUS PARIS POST MY DEAR and I thank you that though you are away, you have participated!!! I haven't even put my post up yet until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT; this is a most GORGEOUS contribution!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Anita

  7. Are you in Paris yet !!!! must be the first !!!...beautiful post !!! from

  8. such great inspirational photos!

  9. Who doesn't adore Paris?
    Such divine inspirations here today.
    Greetings from Paris;-)

  10. I love the sound of that, and Paris too. Lovely post.


  11. ooooh you've put those images together beautifully! Glad I dropped by (thanks Anita!)
    My OH has just commissioned something for my birthday and he later told me how surprised he was to receive a parcel from the US...he thought she was french!
    Pleased to 'meet' you - hope you are away somewhere nice
    fee x

  12. you have a date :) i love these images and artistry ❤

    you are so right about anita, i think of her as being just as much french as american.

    have a lovely break xx

  13. May in Paris seems fantastic to me!!!smiles~

  14. I so enjoyed your photos and it is so nice to meet you.

    Pearl 13.1

    Bisous, et que Notre Seigneur Jesus Christ te benisse ~
    Kisses, and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you~

  15. Martina so happy you are on this journey with me!! Such lovely images!!What Fun!

    Anita's Parisian Party
    Art by Karena

  16. Do you have any idea how heavenly that sounds! I know you do!!!! I promise I won't bring any kids if I can join ya :) Now that sounds awful now that I am thinking about it....May in Paris trailing 4 little rascals! Oh the trouble Bo would find! :)

  17. Beautiful blog and post! Pictures are wonderful.

    I am following now and I would love to invite you over to my blog to be entered in my blog giveaway.

    Dessa Rae

  18. Just stopping by my friend to say MERCI and to savor YOUR beautiful vision of PARIS!!!! ENJOY the color and beauty! Anita

  19. Such beauty you have here! I adore Erin Fetherston's Paris apartment.. especially the pink daybed and herringbone flooring with white paneling. A dream to live in Paris, wouldn't it be?
    Your paintings are exquisite!! So much talent.
    I am new follower.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxo, B

  20. Bonjour Martina,

    Love the apartment and sounds like my kind of holiday, eating macarons and cycling around Paris.

    Enjoy your time away and was great to catch up with you

  21. Martina, that pink daybed is so beautiful, as is the fireplace also! Paris really does inspire beauty and romance. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Oh yes, this apartment will be perfect! A pleasure "meeting" you via Anita's party ~
    a bientot,

  23. BON JOUR!!!
    I spent 8 days in Paris in April with 5 girl friends!!Living in our own Apartment....rented for the week of course....but we pretended and giggled all over town!!!
    What a great post and such a fun party to be a part of

  24. This is my kind of holiday in Paris; thank you for putting it together so beautifully! Delighted to have enjoyed it through Anita's Parisian celebration.

  25. I would love it here..what a great apartment!!And Paris is always great :))) Hope you have a super week :) xx


    Oh Martina, what a fun party this has been! The excitement and buzz in peoples' comments has made me so happy. People visiting each other and seeing different views of Paris has truly been wonderful.

    I must investigate this place in LOS ANGELES: LOUIS. That blue macaroon looks OUT OF THIS BLUE WORLD!

    How as your time off? Are you relaxed? I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL AND I AM FREE AND I am so happy. :)

    Love to you dear friend, Anita

  27. I would like to get comfy on that pretty pink bed and read a good book, while munching on macaroons....great post! Hope you're having a relaxing time off, xo

  28. You just transported me right there! Now that would be a dream, wouldn't it? I especially would love to rent her apartment :) xoxo

  29. Gorgeous decor - I love the look and all the fantastic pink! * new follower :)

  30. A great apartment from which to explore this wonderful city.
    Warm regards

  31. I've never been to Paris, but it's definitely on the top of my bucket list :) Loving this pink inspirational Paris moment...absolutely beautiful images,Martina.

    Hugs <3

  32. Paris in May or any month for me. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. My bags are packed!

  33. Can you believe we are still partying at Anita's Paris Party??? What a lovely offering you bring to us here! And I say YES to all of it! I'm off to Paris in a week or two, and even in July, Paris is a good idea!
    Amitiés, chérie!


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