strawberries love chocolate!

One of the fun things we did in Austria! Try this - it's a great combination of health and indulgence and if you have kids, it keeps them busy for a whole afternoon! Happy midweek lovelies and strwaberry love from me!

Photos: Martina Voigt.Schmid


  1. Why let the children have all the fun? I love picking fresh berries and eating them - especially when the strawberries have been dipped into some delicious chocolate!
    Herzlichen Grüßen

  2. Delicious !!!!!

  3. Delicious !!!!!

  4. Yummy, I would love that just now :))) xox

  5. MARTINA! How true this keeps all parties busy and CHOCOLATE with berries is not only delicious but YES, HEALTHY!! I eat unsweetened cherries EVERY MORNING in my yogurt with cocoa powder in my Greek yogurt. WOW what a boost!

    Well my friend, the Paris party is still going strong, and I want to thank you for participating in it for the weekend. Are you feeling relaxed? I AM !!!!!!!!

    Enjoy those berries and smile....Anita

  6. Lovely photos and the strawberries look delicious. Have a great day.


  7. It's that time of the year here too my friend. Dipping in chocolate is always the best way to eat them! Hope your week is amazing so far! xoxox

  8. We just added "picking your own strawberries" to our summer "to-do" list-haven't done it in years! We probably need to hurry though because now is the time I think. Great pictures - I love that sweet little curly-haired blonde!


  9. YUM! Strawberries say SUMMER so well! I have a recipe for strawberry pie that is so delicious. On the bottom of the baked crust, spread cream cheese, then add the thickened strawberries in sauce, and decorate with halved strawberries, and serve with whipped or ice cream.

    Did you have the best time on your trip? What fun!!!
    ~ Violet

  10. HI Martina..oh my..what a fun decadent post..delightful..yummy and gorgeous!! Sounds like a perfect day!!
    Have a fabulous week!


    WOW....we are both relaxing a bit but you really are still working...for me, I am enjoying this very first week of being DONE. I am so relaxed that I have done NOTHING for cleaning my house, but that can wait. I am enjoying my creativity and that has to take TIME.

    I wish you health and peace. This sure was a lovely Parisian party,and thank you for contributing to it. EVERYONE HAD A FABULOUS TIME. Oh, you should see the color of turquoise paper I am using to make a new pair of paper shoes for my shop.

    It is a rainy day here, but soon the sun will strike with its warmth and all will be summery again! Have a lovely evening my friend, Anita

  12. OH yummy!! :) That is my favorite way to eat strawberries!! SO much fun too!!

    I hope you are having a beautiful day!!


  13. fun and memories!! good for you!

  14. Awesome and amazing pics of bright colorful strawberries ! Yum Yum ! Picking strawberries must be great fun !

  15. Hope you had a nice vacation Martina.
    I love those strawberries

  16. Austria!!! Wow!!! How wonderful.
    The berries and chocolate look yummy :)
    I hope you'll show more of your trip :)

  17. Chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite! I just love making them. Looks like such a fabulous and fun activity.

    Hope you're having a lovely week! :) xoxo

  18. Sounds like a great activity! I'd love to make some fresh summer treats and have some for my freezer. Can't wait till berry picking season is here. :)


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