Friday art: Colorful weekend!

"Colour helps to express light, not the physical phenomenon, but the only light that really exists, that in the artist's brain."
Henri Matisse,

Just a quick shot from my studio to wish you a colorful, fabulous weekend ahead.
The last days of July ... let's make the most of it. Any exiting (or restful) plans yet?

Photo: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. Wonderful colours and I love the fruit too :) I hope you have a super weekend doll!! July went by quickly it seems. I shall be resting before my daughter must go back to school!! Have a fun weekend xox

  2. Whata super artistic shot! I love all the lovely bright colors that you play with, Martina!

    Have fun with all your colors and creativity, I am stepping into the weekend without any plans :)

  3. Good morning beautiful and BRIGHT LIGHT!!!!

    What a brilliant quote, and by, nonetheless, an ARTIST of great proportions! July is almost over and all we have left is August, but we shall make it a delightful one! I am planning to restore my Etsy shop because just two days ago, I sold ALL OF MY PAPER SHOES AND DRESS!!!!!

    Off to the studio now to make more! LOVE! Anita

  4. Wishing you a colorful weekend filled with

  5. Oh how I love that PEACH!!!! You know what I tried today for lunch? I tried a wonderful strawberry yogurt (the best in town) with WATERMELON CHUNKS! It was the most delicious thing ever!

    Yes my dear, all my paper shoes and dress (the most expensive thing) SOLD! So now I am making red ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz. I am having so much fun. How is your weather? Ours has really cooled down a lot!


  6. Beautiful photograph! those colors are perfect with each other....your studio is full of inspiration!! :)

    Happy weekend to you! I think we may have a family dinner, or lunch on Saturday. Other than that I don't know what we are doing. Relaxing, I hope! enjoy!!


  7. Thanks. Wish you have a colorful weekend and a colorful life too Martina!

  8. HI!!
    WHAT A BURST of COLOR!!!I love it!!!
    I also love that juicy sweet peach!!!My fav summer fruit!!!
    I have some fun plans for the I went to my grand daughter's gym class with her...I love that she peeks back to make sure I AM looking at her...OH i am looking and smiling...and telling her I LOVE you with our magical arm motions.....she gets it!!even at 4 she gets it!!
    hugs 2 U,

  9. Beautiful photo and painted art plate!!!

    Lee Ann


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