DIY White chocolate truffles

A sweet medicine against winter blues ...

Chocolate is always good, right? But even better are these delicious babies, creamy, white and soooo easy to make! I've tested and tried the recipe for our magazine KidsLife, and since than, have made several batches as little giveaways for dear friends - or just my own kids who love them. Give it a try for a special note to brighten pre-christmas days!

You need:

25 g Butter
75 g whipping cream
225 g white chocolate
A swig of "eau de vie", i used "Kirsch" (if you like) 

Melt butter in a little pot over low heat. Add cream and stir until almost cooking point, add chocolate and let t melt in the butter cream mixture. Add liquor to taste and fill the mix into a tray or low casserole. Let cool in the fridge for 2 hours. Form little balls (walnut size) with a spoon and the help of your hands. This is sticky, but fun! Roll the truffles in coconut-flakes and place them in the fridge again. Refrigerated they keep for 2 weeks. As a present, you can fill them in pretty boxes - the how to for these i'll post another time!

Photos: Martina Voigt-Schmid


  1. That looks lovely...I should try it, never had it before!! Always like sweets :)) I hope your week has been great so far!! xx

    La Femme Nouvelle

  2. Yammmie !!! white chocolat !!

  3. Hi Martina,

    The truffles look so delicious and thanks for sharing the recipe. The perfect sweet for Christmas.

    Happy weekend

  4. They both look good and sounds delicious.


  5. Bela receita....Espectacular....

  6. WOW! Oh Martina, don't you just wish we could all have ONE BIG GIANT WORLD PARTY? WOuldn't that be fun?

    These have got to be so good. I want to make some chocolate gingerbread cookies iced in aqua and red. How about that?

    I wish you a peaceful evening my friend; I have been so busy lately and I cannot see straight because of it!!!!!!!


  7. The coconut is the PERFECT touch! YUM!! I am afreaid that if I made them...I would eat them...all. My family knows I am terrible at baking so they actually tell me not to bother & they all make a little extra for's good to have sisters :) I AM however very helpful cleaning up after people bake :) That counts for something right!?

  8. Yum, yum! I love the sight of these chocolate truffles! I'm sure the smell and the taste must be heavenly too, I'm so craving for some right now!

  9. i will be trying these for sure- i love white chocolate :)


    I have been away from Blogland all day long; I am still working in my basement but I am finally done with a major project, only to start on another one. WOW.....

    WOuldn't it be fun to have a world party? You are right: to celebrate love and peace is the ultimate party and that is what I think this holiday is all about. Peace and love to YOU my friend! Anita


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