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“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.”  
Maya Angelou
Love these black and white stage designs by artist Ruben Toledo for Nordstrom. They are impressive examples, of how little is often needed, when an idea is really good. Ruben is well known for fabulous fashion-illustrations  no wonder, since he's married to internationally renowned fashion designer Isabel Toledo. 
So - if your week starts looking all black and white - that mustn't be a bad thing! Just start dancing and be bold and lighthanded with your paintbrush of imagination!


  1. Wowww......amazing....!!! from

  2. Love these little home use to be all black and white...I do miss my little home but happy to have my new one. Happy week to you...I just know you have lots going on. xoxo

  3. That's really wonderful! My favorite is the first picture! Just what I needed to fill colors in my day! Wish your week ahead to be as colorful and creative, Martina!

  4. GOOD MORNING MY DEAR! Black and white are actually my favorites of all time. I am watching how designers display since it looks like at the moment, where I am heading, at least for now.

    HUGGING YOU and hoping that your new week will start off well! Anita

  5. Funny, the first time I only noticed the model...then I went back and saw the backdrops...the ship, birds and can do this Martina!

  6. I love these pictures, aren't they fantastic?! I love to draw long sweeping dresses, maybe I should have been a fashion designer in another life?
    No, maybe not. ;)
    Jess x

  7. Good morning beautiful Martina!

    Thank you for coming to visit and hopefully were able to listen to the WILD and DIFFERENT musical version of the Sugar Plum Fairy! teehee...I love things that are totally different!

    Well my dearest, the holidays are upon us and it is getting SCARY! I am not ready!

    Wishing you a productive but LOVELY DAY! Anita

  8. Hello Martina...These images are so beautifully striking and inspirational..I love them!
    Hope you are having a great week lovely lady and thank you so much for visiting me today..
    Susan x


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