Fly away with me!

I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things. 
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Love these flying houses by artist Laurent Chehere i saw at  Gallery Paris Beijing. So dreamlike and full of nostalgic, but timeless longing to just get rid of everything heavy, fly away on a magical journey, yet stay cozy in the well known atmosphere your own 4 walls. 
Have a lovely midweek dear ones, hope you enjoy the best of November, getting all cozy and daydream a little with me!


  1. How incredibly creative!!
    I love the second one and I also love dreaming to escape reality LOL!

  2. These are wonderful...I would love to fly away in these, so beautiful. I could imagine the sun rising or setting while in one of these, to be that close would be wonderful :))) xx

  3. Hahahahahaha ..i love it


    I was in my studio all day and just saw your dear comment and then came to visit! What a brilliant concept to fly away in the comfort of your home!

    I WISH YOU a peaceful and love-filled weekend as it approaches us. ((HUGS)) to you my sweet Martina. Anita

  5. Dear Martina,
    Very fun and etheral homes! :) A touch of whimsy too to add a smile for today!

    I hope you are having a beautiful day! :)


  6. I always enjoy your posts so much, Martina! I just love these flying magical! Wishing you a WONDERFUL and CREATIVE rest of the week :) BIG HUGS <3

  7. These are beyond the last one very much...hope you are well my friend and getting excited about the holidays. xoxoxo

  8. This is just like watching some fairytale. Flying castles, wow!! The creativity is just superb and the colors of the flying houses is eye catching.
    Have a lovely day Martina :)

  9. Crazy! I have to admit they scare me just a tad...I get worried about them falling! :) That is the mom in me huh? Very cool...Some people's minds just amaze me!!!


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